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The important role of Indonesia to realize sustainable marine governance
at Summit AIS 2023


By: Ahmad Dzul Ilmi Muis)*

Indonesia plans to hold the Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum (AIS) High -Level Conference in Bali in October 2023, which will be attended by the Head of State/Head of Government from the AIS Forum member state. AIS Forum is a concrete cooperation platform formed to accommodate the island and islands around the world to jointly overcome the challenges and problems faced, especially in the marine development sector.
Through the AIS 2023 Summit, Indonesia will share their knowledge and capacity regarding sustainable sea management to partner countries with characteristics similar to Indonesia. Because the island and archipelago countries face the same challenges, ranging from climate change, connectivity, to sea pollution.
The archipelago is very vulnerable to the impact of climate change, such as rising sea levels and increased sea level temperatures. In addition, the intensity of tidal waves and a decrease in the acidity of sea water due to the reaction of carbon dioxide gas or also referred to as acidification, also has a negative impact on sea conditions. Not to mention damage to coastal ecosystems such as seagrass and mangrove forests due to land conversion which can reach thousands of hectares in a year. The next phenomenon that appeared was the presence of plastic waste in the ocean which became a new monster for the preservation of marine life.
Summit AIS 2023 will be a medium to find a way out of various problems of island and island countries. Through cooperation between participating countries, the AIS Summit can strengthen good marine governance, sustainable management of marine areas, and managing fair and sustainable marine resources.
Indonesia is considered to have an important and strategic role in the AIS Summit, because Indonesia’s leadership is needed to bridge collaboration between developed countries and developing countries in AIS. Indonesia’s position allows encouraging concrete and inclusive collaboration between countries regardless of differences in economic status and regional area. For this reason, Indonesia’s involvement in Summit AIS 2023 is a big step, especially in an effort to create a sustainable global sea and play the main actors of the struggle of the world community against climate change.
Indonesia plays a very important strategic role in the AIS 2023 forum in overcoming climate change. With a commitment to achieve net-zero emissions, sustainable forest management, local community empowerment, and international cooperation, Indonesia has shown that this country is serious in combating climate change and maintaining its natural resources. With global collaboration and sustainable efforts, Indonesia along with other countries in the AIS 2023 Forum hopes to achieve effective solutions in facing the challenges of increasingly urgent climate change.
By hosting AIS Forum 2023, Indonesia has the opportunity to improve its profile and interests at the global level. This forum allows Indonesia to show its role in an effort to overcome climate change and promote its responsibilities to valuable natural resources. It also enhances Indonesia’s image as a key player in international environmental issues.
As the host, Indonesia has a unique opportunity to lead a global discussion about climate change and natural resource management. This allows Indonesia to influence the direction of discussion and promote ideas in accordance with its national vision and policy. In addition, this also strengthens the position of Indonesia as a regional leader in environmental issues.
Through AIS Forum 2023, Indonesia can strengthen international cooperation in overcoming climate change. This country can invite partner countries to participate in this forum and jointly find the best solutions for this global challenge. It can also open up the opportunity for bilateral cooperation that is closer in terms of mitigation of climate change and preservation of natural resources.
The AIS 2023 Forum provides a platform for Indonesia to jointly with other countries to formulate a more effective global strategy in dealing with climate change. By discussing and collaborating with various stakeholders, including countries, international organizations, and civil society, Indonesia can develop more holistic and sustainable strategies.
The implementation of AIS Forum 2023 also opens investment opportunities and economic development. This forum attracted the attention of various parties, including companies and investors who care about environmental issues. This can generate investment in green technology, sustainable natural resource management, and other environmental projects that can benefit Indonesia’s economic growth.
The AIS 2023 Forum also provides an opportunity for the empowerment of local communities. Through various education programs and environmental awareness related to this forum, Indonesian people can better understand the importance of climate change and their role in protecting the environment. This can also increase community participation in climate change mitigation efforts.
The implementation of AIS Forum 2023 by Indonesia has significant benefits, both in terms of global profiles, influences in global discussions, international cooperation, more effective strategies, investment opportunities and economic development, as well as local community empowerment. This forum is a form of Indonesian commitment in dealing with climate change and protecting its natural resources, while contributing to global efforts in achieving sustainable goals.
)* The author is an alumni of FISIP UNAIR

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