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The Important Role of the Young Generation in Making the 2024 Peaceful Elections a Success


Elections are an important moment in the democratic life of a country. It is not only an opportunity to determine leaders, but also a form of active community participation in the formation of state policy. The 2024 election in Indonesia is a crucial moment that requires an active role from all elements of society, especially the younger generation, to make it a success in a peaceful and dignified manner.

The younger generation has a strategic role in the democratic process, in line with increasingly rapid changes in social, political and technological dynamics. The success of elections does not only lie in transparent and fair implementation, but also in the active participation of the community in various stages of the election, from collecting voter data to monitoring the implementation of voting.

One of the crucial steps that the younger generation can take is to increase their understanding of politics and democracy. Good political education will help them understand their rights and obligations as citizens, understand the role of political institutions, and understand the impact of policies on daily life. With this understanding, the younger generation can become intelligent and critical voters.

The Director General of Information and Public Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Dirjen IKP Kominfo), Usman Kansong, invited the younger generation, both millennials and generation Z, to seek correct information regarding Legislative Candidates (Caleg) who will be elected in the simultaneous General Election (Pemilu) on February 14 2024 in Peaceful Elections Pedia. Peaceful Election Pedia launched by the Ministry of Communication and Information is a medium that can be used to get all information about the 2024 Election, including the candidates. 

Director General of IKP Usman said, in the electronic book the younger generation can look for various information about the legislative candidates they will elect, starting from their history, character, to which polling place (TPS) they are registered at. The method is easy, namely by entering the population identification number (NIK) or entering the passport number for Indonesian citizens (WNI) abroad.

The younger generation also has a responsibility to actively participate in the entire election process, from registering as voters, socializing policies, to the election itself. They can be involved in election campaigns, public discussions, and support activities that support the transparency and integrity of elections.

It is important for the younger generation to avoid the trap of identity politics which can divide society. They can play a role in fostering a culture of healthy and constructive discussion, where differences of opinion can be expressed politely without causing detrimental conflict.

Utilizing technology as a supporting tool is also the key to success. The younger generation can use social media to disseminate accurate and educative information, as well as mobilize support for democratic values. The use of technology can also help in monitoring and reporting potential violations during the election process.

Apart from legislative candidate information, Pedia Peace Election can also be used to check hoax information related to the election which is starting to circulate widely on various platforms. In this way, it is hoped that the younger generation will be able to monitor the spread of hoaxes and hate speech that are widely circulating on social media, and participate actively by coming to vote at the polling station (TPS) later. Peaceful Elections Pedia also builds a community monitoring function. In this way, the public can report if they find suspected or potential election violations through Pedia Peaceful Elections.

From January to December 12 2023, the Ministry of Communication and Information discovered 171 election hoax issues. For this reason, the public can report suspected election violations through Pedia Peace Election. Political hoaxes are often blamed for causing conflict and polarization in society. For this reason, Pedia Peaceful Elections strives to realize peaceful elections by displaying real information.

The Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, hopes that the Pedia Peaceful Election will become a powerful weapon in fighting political hoaxes. For this reason, his party invites the entire community to participate in realizing a peaceful and civilized 2024 election.

The role of the younger generation does not stop after the election ends. They can be involved in monitoring the implementation of elections and reporting potential violations or irregularities that occur. In this way, they contribute to ensuring the integrity and sustainability of the democratic process. However, the younger generation is also continuously emphasized to be able to position themselves as subjects, not objects so that they are not always used as campaign material by Legislative or Presidential Candidates (Capres) and to avoid hoaxes.

In conclusion, the younger generation has an important role in making the 2024 elections successful and peaceful. By increasing political understanding, actively participating in the entire election process, avoiding identity politics, using technology wisely, and being involved in election monitoring, the younger generation can become agents of positive change in shaping Indonesia’s democratic future. The success of elections is not only the responsibility of the organizers, but is the result of cooperation from all elements of society, with the young generation as the spearhead.

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