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The Important Role of Universities in Synergy to Maintain National Unity in Facing Radicalism, Preparing for the Election


Universities have an important role as educational institutions that are able to shape and direct how the young generation develops in Indonesia. Therefore, all parties must be able to synergize with each other in maintaining national unity and unity in order to face the threat of radicalism and prepare for safe and peaceful elections.

Located in the Traffic Directorate Hall (Dit Lantas) West Java Regional Police Headquarters (Mapolda) on Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 748, Cimencrang, Gedebage District, Bandung City. West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Dr. Akhmad Wiyagus carried out friendly activities with Chancellors at Universities and Colleges throughout West Java Province.

This joint hospitality activity with the chancellors was carried out in order to continue to strengthen synergy between parties to be able to continue to maintain security and public order (kamtibmas) in order to further maintain the integrity, integrity and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and to further strengthen national unity, especially in the jurisdiction of the West Java Regional Police.

On that occasion, Inspector General of Police Dr. Akhmad Gedebage revealed that it is common knowledge that the characteristics possessed by students in Indonesia indeed have a critical, transformative nature regarding their concerns, including the very high level of sensitivity and empathy they have towards all social problems in society.

Furthermore, with all the characteristics possessed by these students, they are clearly one of the most important elements in the wheels of government, who can become agents of change for this nation and state. Therefore, if you have students like that, it is a matter of pride, because they are not only able to study at a university, but they are also a forum and provider of concrete solutions to various kinds of problems that arise in social life in the Republic of Indonesia.

Then, for the purpose of the Higher Education institutions themselves, namely that students who study at their place are able to become people who believe and are devoted to God Almighty and have noble, knowledgeable, creative, competent and independent morals. So that all students are able to have their own place in social life.

However, it cannot be denied that the condition of the nation is currently facing a very dynamic global Pancagarta condition, namely ideology, politics, economics, social and culture, defense and security (Ipoleksosbudhankam). So as the dynamics of all these complex things progress, it is not surprising why social insecurities are starting to emerge such as the growing dangers of drugs, LGBT free sex, radicalism and increasing crime rates in society.

To be able to prevent all of these things, it is necessary to have good integration between all state stakeholders. Apart from that, what are the challenges of the current condition of the Indonesian nation which will also face the agenda of implementing democratic parties and political contestation in the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024, where the community has a very important role in being able to continue to participate in choosing and determining who the members are? legislature as well as electing the President and Vice President who will lead the country in the future.

Because every election implementation certainly has its own vulnerabilities, such as the practice of money politics, black campaigns, intimidation, conflict between supporters, mass mobilization, the spread of false news or hoaxes, issues involving ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group (SARA), hate speech and so on, so that all of this has the potential to increasingly lead to open communal conflict between elements in society.

Therefore, the role and participation of all components of the nation is very necessary, including the chancellors, universities and all tertiary institutions according to their function and role to be able to provide guidance and direction for students.

Universities and tertiary institutions must be able to produce young people who excel and are able to have a very positive impact both in academic and non-academic circles, so that all parties really hope that the implementation of the General Election and Pilkada simultaneously in 2024 can be carried out smoothly. safe, peaceful and cool in accordance with legal procedures in order to realize an increasingly mature democracy in the country.

The development of radical ideology is indeed one of the main and very real threats to the state’s basic philosophy, Pancasila. Even the world of education also plays an important role because they are able to intensify Pancasila education in schools and universities.

Handling the spread of radical ideology and leading to acts of terrorism in Indonesia will certainly be more optimal if assisted by the role that universities have and carry out well. All parties must be able to mutually strengthen their respective synergies in maintaining national unity to prepare for safe and peaceful elections.

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