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The Important Role of Youth in Building Post-Election Unity


After the general election, Indonesia entered an important phase in its democratic journey: building unity and integrity amidst the diverse political choices of society. In the post-election moment which is often filled with political dynamics and potential conflict, the role of youth becomes increasingly vital in maintaining social stability and bringing a spirit of sustainable development to the country.
They are not only witnesses, but also agents of change who are able to build bridges of brotherhood amidst diversity, emphasizing that unity is the main key in advancing the nation.
Banten female figure Airin Rachmi Diany gave a clear call to youth to take an active role in strengthening post-election harmony. With their enthusiasm, idealism and energy, youth are the main pillars in creating an inclusive and harmonious environment.
Their support in spreading the message of peace and maintaining good communication between various groups is an important foundation in building a strong foundation of unity, showing that the future of this nation is truly in the hands of the younger generation.
Furthermore, Airin Rachmi Diany, firmly invited youth to become agents of peace and unity after the election process. Youth, with all their enthusiasm, idealism and energy, is the main hope in building national integrity.
They have a strategic role in bringing a spirit of sustainable development and maintaining brotherhood amidst post-election political dynamics.
The existence of youth is not just a symbol of the future, but also a driving force to change things. This is in line with Airin’s view, which states that the high enthusiasm of young people to build a better nation can be a driving force for creating peace and unity in society.
By bringing a positive spirit, youth have great potential to create meaningful change in strengthening social solidarity.
Not only as agents of change, youth are also figures who are able to bring new nuances to dialogue and interaction with various parties. Their ability to adapt quickly to changing times and their tendency to open themselves to differences makes them an effective communication bridge.
Therefore, the presence of youth in building post-election unity is very important, considering the complexity of the challenges faced.
Ponorogo Police Chief, AKBP Anton Prasetyo, in his meeting with the Ponorogo branch of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PC PMII), emphasized the importance of police support for active youth participation in maintaining post-election stability and security.
In this context, the role of students as the front guard in creating a conducive environment cannot be ignored. Through the efforts made by PC PMII Ponorogo, it is hoped that positive movements will emerge that can embrace all elements of society to work together to build unity.
Furthermore, Anton highlighted how important the educational approach taken by organizations such as PMII is in forming a mature and responsible mindset in the younger generation.
This education does not only focus on understanding political issues, but also on human values, tolerance and equality. In this way, it is hoped that young people will be better able to respond to differences wisely and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Not only in Ponorogo, in various regions youth voices were also heard inviting the community to continue to build brotherhood after the elections. A youth figure from Silimakuta District, Simalungun Regency, Roni Girsang, stated that the strong strength of brotherhood will be the main foundation in maintaining social stability.
According to him, even though there are differences in political choices, we are still one as the Indonesian nation. Therefore, it is necessary for all parties to maintain calm and not be provoked by divisive issues.
Strong brotherhood is not just a motto, but also an attitude that must be instilled in the character of every individual. In the midst of post-election political polarization and tension, it has become increasingly important to strengthen our shared commitment to maintaining unity and togetherness.
This is the main focus point for youth: how they can unite to face existing challenges, and how they can become true agents of peace and unity.
Youth are not just spectators in this nation’s journey. They are the main actors who have a strategic role in shaping the nation’s future. Therefore, through active participation and awareness of their social responsibilities, youth can become a force that drives positive change in society.

By prioritizing the spirit of unity and brotherhood above all differences, we will be able to carve out a better future for this nation.
This is the true essence of the vital role of youth in building post-election unity. Through concrete steps, such as social activities, public discussions, or peace campaigns, youth can actively contribute to creating a harmonious and inclusive environment.
Thus, the role of youth is not just empty discourse, but a real commitment to be part of the solution to the challenges facing this nation.
After the election, the challenges for the Indonesian nation have not ended. However, with a spirit of unity and awareness of the vital role of youth, we have confidence that we are able to face it. Let’s build this nation together by prioritizing brotherhood and togetherness above all differences.

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