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The Job Creation Law makes it easier for young people to set up and run MSMEs


The existence of the Job Creation Law (UU) which has been ratified by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and also supported by its ratification by the DPR RI and has been deemed formally valid by the Constitutional Court (MK) makes it even easier for young people who will be the next generation of the nation to establish and also run Micro Businesses. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The Task Force (Task Force) for the Acceleration of Socialization of the Job Creation Law (UUCK) invites all groups and the young generation in Indonesia, including in the Province of East Kalimantan (Kaltim) to become entrepreneurs. The reason is, by carrying out entrepreneurial activities, these young people also have the opportunity to actively contribute to improving the economy of their respective regions, including being able to improve the national economy.

Regarding this matter, the Chair of the UUCK Task Force Socialization Strategic Working Group, Dimas Oky Nugroho, revealed that entrepreneurial activities can be started even on a small scale first, namely by becoming an MSME actor or also by running a contemporary business such as a cafe, culinary business and other products, which are capable of generate added economic value.

In fact, the potential of the younger generation is very high, because they have a community or network that can expand the existence of the business they are involved in. Moreover, helped by the ratification of policies from the Job Creation Law, all aspects, especially institutional ones, have become much easier to fulfill, making it much easier for young people to become entrepreneurs and get access to capital, partnerships and other forms of assistance from the government and the private sector. in developing their business.

It cannot be denied that the existence of the Job Creation Law makes it very easy for the younger generation to establish and also run MSME activities. Because the ease of doing business in a set of government regulations or policies needs to be further accelerated in meeting the needs of young people because MSMEs themselves can absorb up to 96.9 percent of employment opportunities in the country.

Apart from that, in the current position, the young generation itself is indeed the foundation for the nation in the future, considering that in 2030 Indonesia will soon experience a demographic bonus until the increase reaches 68.3 percent of the total population of productive age.

It turns out that the opportunity for the peak of the demographic bonus to occur will only occur once in a country’s civilization, the peak of which is predicted to be in Indonesia, namely in 2045 with per capita income in the country could be around 23 thousand to 30 thousand. United States dollar (USD). Then the poverty rate in this country is estimated to reach only 0.5 to 0.8 percent.

With a very detailed understanding of the Job Creation Law, it is hoped that the nation’s next generation of young people will be able to achieve many job opportunities much better than before, then they will also experience the development of very relevant skills and be able to play an active role in advancing country’s economy.

It is also hoped that the Job Creation Law will be able to bring significant changes to the world of work and especially to the younger generation. Therefore, it is very important for them to be able to understand the role and benefits of this policy as best as possible.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (Monev) of the UUCK Task Force, Edy Priyono, emphasized that one of the objectives of the issuance of this policy by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) and which has also been ratified by the parliament, namely the DPR RI, is to further expand employment opportunities, in particular for the younger generation.

For your information, the workforce in Indonesia itself continues to increase every year with an additional number of approximately 2.4 million people. So, normatively it should be very important to have additional decent jobs for such a large workforce.

Because if it is not balanced with decent work, while the number of the workforce continues to increase every year, it means that there will be many people who are reluctant or even forced to work even though it is not worth it. So, there is also a need for investment in creating jobs, both foreign investment and domestic investment. This also includes the emergence of young entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are able to create jobs. Everyone was greatly helped by the ratification of the Job Creation Law. Currently, the possibilities for young people who will be the next generation of the nation to establish and run their businesses, including becoming entrepreneurs or becoming MSMEs, are becoming increasingly easier. The reason is, with the ratification of the Job Creation Law by the Indonesian Government it is possible for all of these things to happen.

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