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The public must accept the results of the 2024 elections which will run democratically


By : Rivka Mayangsari )*

The results of the 2024 national election recapitulation have been announced. Based on KPU decision Number 360 of 2024, it has been determined that Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka as president-vice president for the 2024-2029 period. From a total of 164,227,475 valid ballots, Prabowo-Gibran won 96,214,691 votes from the Indonesian people. In this way, all Indonesian people can sincerely and gracefully accept the results of the 2024 presidential election, which will take place in a democratic manner.

Accepting the election results shows political maturity. In the midst of political turmoil like today, democracy is a framework that places common interests above all else. And the government must serve all citizens, including those who do not support them.

Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin said that the winning party must embrace all parties. He must be the president of all Indonesian people, not just those who elected him. 

Democratic maturity reflects a progressive outlook for the nation-state. That our readiness as a society is to overcome differences and work together to build a better future. Differences in choices in elections are normal. Don’t let differences trigger divisions. 

Elections should be addressed maturely, so that whoever wins is a democratic choice of, by and for the people. The president is elected, it is the people who choose. The people should naturally enjoy this choice and work together towards Indonesia’s progress.

General Chairperson of PP Muhammadiya, Haedar Nashir, said that the public should respond to the election results as a political reality and a logical consequence of the democratic system chosen by the Indonesian people.

Apart from that, Amungme Youth Leader, Petrus Beanal, also hopes that the public can accept all the decisions and results of the 2024 Election that have been determined by the KPU. He really hopes that there will be no more proposals for demonstrations, and that the public will accept the results of the elections which have been held in stages.

Elections, as the main stage of citizens, represent collective will. In this context, accepting election results is more than just legal compliance, but once again a firm expression of democratic maturity. Receiving the election results is a crucial stage in the journey of democracy. That’s where loyalty to greater principles: unity as a nation, is tested. Democracy test.

Chairman of PP Hikmahbudhi, Wiryawan also invited all elements of society to accept the results of the 2024 elections. Wiryawan advised parties who were not satisfied to take the constitutional route.

General Chair of the Indonesian Law Student Senate Association (ISMAHI), Ali Hasan, said that during the election process, it became something that could be considered normal when there were partisans of candidates who were not elected who thought or felt that the elected candidates had committed fraud. Arguments regarding the reasons for dissatisfaction with the election results range from fraud and violations during pre-vote, voting and post-vote.

However, don’t let your dissatisfaction be based on mere sentiment or fanaticism towards the candidate you support. Therefore, the public must accept the election results. Because don’t let us be divided because of political incitement. Maintain peace and accept the election results in accordance with the commitments made by the presidential candidates and political parties and their respective supporters.

The Nusantara Student Executive Board (BEM) invites the entire community to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation after the 2024 elections. Political differences must not destroy ties of brotherhood. BEM Nusantara Center Coordinator, Achmad Supardi, said that in the post-election atmosphere it is very important to maintain unity and integrity as an Indonesian nation. Political differences must not destroy the ties of brotherhood between fellow citizens.

A good leader must be prepared to accept defeat if the votes obtained are not sufficient to occupy a seat in government. Elections are political battles where there are winners and there are losers. The loser must accept defeat, do not provoke or invite community, religious or traditional leaders to hold a demonstration against the organizers. 

Accepting election results is closely related to the spirit of nationalism. The principle of sovereignty is projected for the state, by improving the democratic order rather than overhauling it. Only with the spirit of nationalism will a person be immune from transnationalist propaganda. Not only that, it is with the spirit of nationalism that democratic maturity will be achieved.

With political maturity and an attitude of accepting defeat, it is hoped that the post-election atmosphere will be calmer and more constructive for society. The importance of maintaining stability and unity in carrying out the journey of democracy in Indonesia.

So, let’s work together to develop democracy in a mature way. The election is over, mutual cooperation towards a better Indonesia is something that is certain. Create security and order and maintain the integrity of the Indonesian nation with mutual respect and respect in the results of the vote count in the 2024 election. Accepting the election results gracefully is the first step in the process of reconciling differences and building consensus for the common good towards a Golden Indonesia 2045.

)* The author is an observer of social issues

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