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The public needs to be aware of the potential for political conflict ahead of the 2024 elections


Approaching the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) there are indeed many potentials that could occur, especially the potential for radicalism, political fighting against one another, and intolerance under the guise of religion in an effort to divide the unity and integrity of Indonesia. For this reason, all levels of society must be aware of this potential in order to realize a safe, peaceful and prosperous 2024 election for Indonesia.

​The political contest in 2024 is indeed an event to show how society will choose better leadership candidates to move Indonesia forward and produce a golden generation in 2045. Of course, in this case the Indonesian people have the right to vote to choose the right candidate in their hearts. Differences of opinion are fine, in fact it is the right of all human beings to have their own opinions. However, this political event also brings hot balls that can attack anyone. Therefore, Indonesian citizens are obliged to be careful of hot ball attacks that pass by at any time.

​The 2024 democratic party must become a party for all Indonesian people because they can voice their rights and opinions. Of course, what is the desired situation, especially if it is not peace, tranquility and prosperity among human beings. To realize this situation and conditions, it is our duty, all Indonesian people, to oversee the 2024 elections in order to avoid and be alert to the potential for causing division. There are many irresponsible individuals starting to spread around for their own interests. These irresponsible individuals sometimes use the guise of religion as a blanket with the aim of making efforts to pit themselves against each other in political years. Dangerous, right? Indeed, this is very dangerous. 

​As an intelligent society, we should unite to pay attention and check any information we receive, whether verbally or in writing on social media. As said by the initiator of the National Conscience Movement (GNK), Habib Syakur Ali Mahdi Alhamid, who has begun to warn the Indonesian people from now on, they must be alert to the capabilities and expertise of the caliphate’s political groups which could develop their language to pit the nation’s children against each other. Not only that, these individuals can also convey narratives containing hatred that can divide our nation. As the nation’s intelligent next generation, we must be able to differentiate and sort all existing information well, especially on social media.

​The things that we need to be careful of nowadays are that they are no longer physical terror, but terror created verbally with narratives developed by irresponsible individuals. They actually have their own ideals which may conflict with Pancasila as the basis of the Indonesian state. What’s more, at times like this ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections, radical and intolerant groups are spreading everywhere, competing to demonstrate their existence in order to realize other desires, and they can even divide them with covert campaigns. To avoid things of this nature, we should increase literacy, especially digital literacy to avoid misleading hoax news.

​As all Indonesian people know, unity, tolerance, mutual cooperation are things that we must and must maintain. We realize that in Indonesia there are many ethnicities, cultures, religions, races, and so on, for this reason we must improve the things above, no matter what political year or whatever the circumstances. Unity and unity remains number one. The reason is, to build a strong and strong nation, we must uphold such attitudes. In other words, we are all obliged to reject the politicization of identity, politicization of religion, intolerance, radicalism and other things that have the potential to destroy the nation.

​Apart from that, it was also stated that there are strong indications that there is a geopolitical game in the struggle for influence in Indonesia. So, what’s the goal? Of course, the aim is to pit all the nation’s children against each other in Indonesia. The nation’s children who contribute the largest number of votes to prospective voters in 2024 must be very clever at filtering information. In fact, they also have to fortify themselves so that they are not easily influenced by foreign nations. Our nation must be united and literate to be careful about fighting against one another which is the most frightening potential ahead of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

​Thus, from now on the Indonesian people must unite to create a democratic party that is safe, peaceful and prosperous. Mother Earth would certainly be happy if we all worked together to build an Indonesia that has a strong character as a nation and upholds unity and integrity. The natural and cultural wealth that we have must also be maintained to realize the nation’s aspirations towards a Golden Indonesia in 2045.

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