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The Rempang Project Provides a Lot of Benefits

As with Batam Island, several surrounding islands have also received the attention of the Batam Authority (now the Batam Concession Agency (BP)) for continued development. 
This can be seen in the history of the construction of the Barelang Bridge in the 1990s.
The bridge that connects Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands is not only a means of connecting. 
The role of the Barelang Bridge is more than that. 
It is also presented as a means of driving the economy and equitable development.
The last two things above are now extending to the development of Rempang Island. 
This is what is done after the Batam area develops and moves forward with all its facilities and progress.
If we look back, the plan to develop Rempang Island began in mid-2004. At that time, the Batam City DPRD’s recommendation letter dated May 17 2004, revealed the initial history of investment entering the Rempang Island area.
Rempang Island was then approved to be developed as a trade, service, industrial and tourism area including an Exclusive Integrated Tourism Area (KWTE). 
In this area, it is also planned to build trade facilities, services, hotels, offices and residential areas. 
Almost two decades later, the development of Rempang Island looks increasingly promising. 
The influx of investment from the Bamboo Curtain Country seems to have ignited hope. 
Rempang Eco-City’s investment is estimated at IDR 381 trillion, and is estimated to absorb a direct workforce of 306 thousand people.
In detail, the development of Rempang Island will also be divided into 7 different zones. 
Such as Rempang Integrated Industrial Zone, Rempang Integrated Agro-Tourism Zone, Rempang Integrated Commercial and Residential, Rempang Integrated Tourism Zone, Rempang Forest and Solar Farm Zone, Wildlife and Nature Zone, and Galang Heritage Zone.
In an effort to guarantee this investment, the Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi, is also committed to safeguarding people’s rights, cultural rights, and the rights of all residents who have lived for generations on Rempang Island. 
He believes that the development of this area can provide an escalation to improve the quality of life of the residents of Rempang Island.
Not only that, there are also several benefits from developing Rempang Island which will become a new economic engine for Indonesia. 
Among these are increasing micro, small and medium economic enterprise (MSME) activities, absorbing local workforce, equitable development and sustainable investment.
With new jobs, people’s income will increase. 
This will provide communities with greater access to meet their basic needs and increase purchasing power, which in turn can increase local economic growth.
As a new economic engine in Indonesia, the central government through BP Batam is also preparing Rempang to become an integrated industrial, trade, residential and tourism area in order to encourage increased Indonesian competitiveness against Singapore and Malaysia.
Apart from that, Rempang Eco-City, which is included in the National Strategic Project (PSN), is also expected to increasingly make Batam the economic locomotive of the Riau Islands. 
Considering that economic growth in the cities of Batam and Riau Islands is at a good rhythm. 
The economy of Batam grew 6.84 percent throughout 2022, and the economy of Riau Islands Province grew by 5.77 percent during the first semester of 2023 (January-June) compared to the same period the previous year.
With the Rempang Project, it will also improve the investment climate in Indonesia. 
The Batam Business Agency (BP) noted that the investment value of foreign investment in the first semester of 2023 reached 1.2 billion US dollars and domestic investment reached 168 million US dollars.
The total PMA value increased by 1.56 percent compared to the same period the previous year. 
On the other hand, changes in FDI projects in Semester I 2023 also experienced a drastic increase, with an achievement of 142.39 percent compared to the same period in 2022.
Based on data from the Batam City Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the export value in the first semester of 2023 in Batam City was 7.5 billion US dollars and the import value was 7.2 billion US dollars.
The myriad of benefits offered by the Rempang Eco City Project must of course receive support from the community, especially the local community. 
Chairman of the Malay Islamic World (DMDI) Indonesia, Datuk H Said Aldi Al Idrus, said that the investment that will be made in Rempang, Batam, Riau Islands and DMDI Indonesia gives appreciation to residents who provide support for the National Strategic Project (PSN). 
Because the Indonesian government has certainly thought about, considered and even prepared the best steps for the community whenever they want to open investment in the country.
Member of Commission VI DPR RI, Herman Khaeron, said that the Rempang Eco-City project is a project that must be supported, because this project will provide great benefits to national economic growth and also the economy of the residents of Rempang Island. 
Support from these various parties can contribute to the success of the Rempang project by combining the resources, knowledge and commitment necessary to achieve the project’s economic, social and cultural goals.

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