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The Success of the 2023 AIS FORUM Summit Proves Indonesia’s Commitment to Maritime Issues


BALI – As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia contributes more to global conditions. Indonesia has successfully become the leader in initiating the Archipelago and Island States (AIS) Summit event, the peak of which will be held on September 11 2023 at BNDCC Bali. Indonesia has succeeded in showing its commitment to maritime issues.

“Indonesia as a maritime country will continue to be at the forefront of supporting the AIS Forum as an inclusive cooperation between archipelagic and island countries,” said Jokowi at BNDCC, Badung Bali, Wednesday (11/10).

President Joko Widodo said that state solidarity is very important to produce strategic, concrete and tactical steps in solving common problems.

“Indonesia in various international forums continues to voice the interests of island and archipelagic countries so that they continue to develop. “For example, at the G20 Summit in 2022 and at the 2023 ASEAN Summit,”

Apart from that, Indonesia invited all countries present to maintain unity and collaboration. President Jokowi emphasized three things as directions for cooperation and collaboration between island and island countries.

“The first thing is solidarity, equality and inclusiveness which must become common principles and guidelines. “Second is the priority of concrete cooperation tailored to the recipient’s needs,” said President Jokowi.

The third is a strong and dynamic cooperation framework to face future challenges.

“The AIS Forum Summit must be a space to find solutions together in solving connectivity problems, empowering coastal communities and marine pollution,” said Jokowi.

The AIS Forum Summit, continued Jokowi, is a collection of island and archipelago countries that have a commitment to unite to face existing challenges

President Jokowi also emphasized that the leaders’ declaration contained the hopes of the country’s leaders. Jokowi sees it as important to have solutions to the problems of island and archipelagic countries, namely as a forum for aspirations and hopes that prioritize the interests of the people of the country itself.

President Jokowi revealed that for island and archipelagic countries, the sea is the backbone of the economy where solutions are needed that can be used for the country itself and other developing countries.

Previously, the Director of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Septriana Tangkary, SE, MM, explained that the AIS Forum strengthens collaboration and addresses global problems with 4 main issues, namely climate change mitigation and adaptation, blue economy, handling plastic waste in the sea, and governance. good maritime management.

“This forum summarizes the importance of solidarity as a basis for collaboration and utilizing the AIS forum as a platform for working together, generating innovation and building a healthy and sustainable marine economy,” he said.

The AIS Summit event in Nusa Dua Bali was appreciated by many parties because it strengthened Indonesia’s position on the global stage. As an archipelagic country that has 17 thousand islands, of course this forum is able to make Indonesia seen as a strong country in the global maritime arena.

The AIS Forum Summit will take place 10–11 October 2023 with the theme “Fostering Collaboration, Advancing Innovation for the Ocean and a Shared Future”, specifically discussing various global issues related to the ocean.

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