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The Young Generation Plays an Important Role in Creating Peaceful Elections


The role of youth in creating peaceful elections is very important because they constitute a significant part of the voting population and have great potential to shape the country’s democratic direction. The younger generation is a large demographic group in the electorate. Their active involvement can have a significant impact on election results. Therefore, the presence and participation of the younger generation can influence political decisions and shape the future direction of the nation.

Currently, millennial generation voters have reached 66,822,389 or 33.6 percent. Referring to the current dominant number of voters, it is very important to invite the younger generation to actively participate in the 2024 elections to realize elections with integrity and peace. In addition, youth often bring fresh ideas, innovation and creativity to the political process. Their participation can help overcome challenges faced in the electoral process, create new solutions, and enrich political discussions with diverse perspectives.

According to Bawaslu member Herwyn JH Malonda, the activeness of the younger generation is not enough just to vote, but also plays a role in creating peaceful and dignified elections. Apart from that, the younger generation can also play a role in correcting the quality of public services, including election management institutions. So that the implementation of the 2024 democratic party can run smoothly and with integrity.

Younger generations often have a strong passion for freedom, justice, and equality. They can be effective agents of change to ensure that elections take place fairly and in accordance with democratic principles. In addition, the younger generation also has the potential to increase overall voter participation levels. They can mobilize fellow youth and other community groups to get involved in the electoral process, raise political awareness, and encourage greater participation.

As the 2024 election draws nearer, obstacles and threats have the potential to emerge which are feared to disrupt the implementation of the election itself. Public awareness and vigilance must be increased because provocations from individuals who want chaos during the election will reappear. To anticipate this, the younger generation is at the forefront in campaigning to the public about the importance of vigilance against provocation and the importance of peaceful elections.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Dito Ariotedjo said that the democracy party on February 14 2024 is the democracy party of Indonesian youth, because there are more than 200 million voters and more than half of that number are young people, the millennial generation and generation Z. also invites the entire young generation to use their right to vote wisely. Not only rights, but also obligations that must be carried out responsibly. Apart from that, active participation in the democratic process is also very important. Young people must have the courage to voice their opinions, discuss and support the issues they believe in.

The younger generation is also known as a generation that is aware of technology, social media, easily interacts with all levels, is not narrow-minded, and is brave in what they do and speak. With this capital, young people are very suitable to become clean, honest and fair election agents. Additionally, by having familiarity with technology and social media, they can use it to disseminate accurate information, educate fellow youth about the election process, and combat the spread of fake news or propaganda that can damage the peaceful atmosphere.

The involvement of the younger generation in the 2024 elections also represents the future, not the past, and has great potential to bring positive change to the Indonesian nation. The younger generation is not only taking on the role of voters, but also as campaign volunteers, writers and active political activists. They use social media and information technology to mobilize support and convey positive messages so that the 2024 elections can run safely and peacefully.

The role of the younger generation will continue to grow in the upcoming elections and their influence will become stronger in determining the country’s political future. This is a positive sign that the participation of the younger generation in campaigning for peaceful elections will bring a conducive and sustainable situation in various security aspects of the democratic party.

Additionally, many of today’s global challenges require cross-generational solutions. The younger generation, with progressive and global thinking, can contribute to overcoming problems such as climate change, social inequality and global peace through their political participation. Therefore, actively involving the younger generation in political and electoral processes is an investment in building a democratic, inclusive and peaceful society. And providing space and supporting their participation is the key to creating elections that run peacefully and produce better representation for the interests of all citizens.

In the context of democracy, sometimes we are required to be different. Differences in opinion and political views are a form of democracy so it is hoped that there will be no divisions because absolute peace must be realized. Because, it is impossible for all people to have the same choices. And it is through these differences that the nation’s best leaders will be born. By being different, society has implemented a democratic life.

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