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There is Megawati Hangestri, BIN Launches Jakarta BIN Women’s and Jakarta STIN BIN Men’s Volleyball Teams for Proliga 2024


Jakarta – The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) officially launched two new volleyball teams, namely the Jakarta BIN Women’s Volleyball Team and the Jakarta STIN BIN Men’s Volleyball Team. This inauguration event was held at the BIN Sports Center on Sunday, April 22 2024, ahead of the start of the 2024 Volleyball Pro League competition.

Head of BIN Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Si, in his speech said that as a big family, this volleyball team will fight to bring a good name to our institution.

“By giving the best performance, high fighting spirit, strong belief, you will win more. “We can definitely do it, good luck to the BIN volleyball team,” he stressed.

The Head of BIN also expressed his appreciation to the coaches and officials, and really hopes that in the 2024 Proliga the BIN volleyball team will achieve victory.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the BIN Sports Association (PORBIN), Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo, expressed his hope that these two new teams can achieve brilliant achievements at national and international levels, as well as being a source of pride for the BIN institution and the Indonesian state.

“The formation of the Jakarta STIN BIN Men’s volleyball team and the Jakarta BIN Women’s volleyball team is a form of follow-up or real implementation of the hopes, commitment and attention of the State Intelligence Agency under the leadership of Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Si, to improve coaching and welfare for national volleyball athletes, so that they can continue to excel and make the name of the Indonesian nation proud on the world stage,” he explained.

According to him, currently, the development of the volleyball ecosystem and sports industry is increasingly rapid and is able to attract more enthusiasm from the wider community on an international scale.

This is certainly the right momentum for national volleyball athletes to be more enthusiastic about improving their achievements to penetrate the competition among top players at world level. The performance of national volleyball players, both women and men, who have competed in other countries proves that Indonesian volleyball players have extraordinary potential and quality.

On the same occasion, Bambang Sunarwibowo emphasized several important things to support the success of the two teams. The BIN volleyball team has recruited the best volleyball athletes, not only at the national level, but also at the international level.

“They were selected for approximately one month, starting from February 11 to March 1 2024,” he stressed.

The Jakarta STIN BIN Men’s Team was also strengthened by Ryan Masajedi, the coach who succeeded in bringing the BIN Pasundan Team out as 1st place winners at the 2023 Livoli Main Division National Championship.

“Meanwhile, the Jakarta BIN Women’s Team is coached by Danai Sriwa-charamay-takul, a coach from Thailand who succeeded in bringing the Thai national team into the Volleyball Nations League world championship,” he explained again.

The PORBIN chairman added that based on the evaluation of the previous Proliga, the management of the BIN volleyball team had made preparations and formulated a mature strategy to achieve victory. This preparation includes determining the composition of players, coaching team, support for facilities and infrastructure, as well as other essential things needed by the team.

“The Management and Sports Association of the State Intelligence Agency (PORBIN) is committed to continuing to make the best efforts to improve achievements in the future,” he stressed.

Apart from the Head of BIN Police General (Purn) Budi Gunawan, and the Head of the BIN Sports Association (PORBIN), Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo, also present were Deputy Head of BIN Lieutenant General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa, Chairman of the BIN Strategic Analysis Board (DAS) Lt. Gen. (Pun) Muhammad Munir, Governor of the State Intelligence College (STIN) Major General TNI Djoko Andoko, all deputies, coaches and officials of the Jakarta BIN team, coaches and officials of the STIN BIN team.

It is hoped that this inauguration will be a good start for the achievements of the two teams in Proliga 2024 and bring pride to Indonesia.

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