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To Succeed in the 2024 Election, Society Must Be Able to Resist Radicalism and Hoaxes


Ahead of the 2024 Election, the community is helping it run smoothly by counteracting radicalism. The reason is because terrorism and radicalism are threats that can derail elections. In addition, hoaxes and propaganda must be avoided, because they cause chaos in society.

The 2024 election is in sight and the campaign period is just around the corner. During the campaign period, it was thrilling because people saw the promotion of presidential candidates (Capres) and parties in Indonesia. They are then waiting for the winning party and presidential candidates, because in 2024 Indonesia will have a new president.

But it’s a shame when the campaign period started, hoaxes spread in cyberspace. The public must also be aware of attacks by radical groups who can carry out attacks during election campaigns. Radical and terrorist groups also deliberately spread propaganda with the aim of thwarting the 2024 elections.

The Kesbangpol (National and Political Unity) Agency for Batang Regency continues to make efforts to prevent radicalism, especially ahead of the 2024 Democratic Party or General Election.

The socialization on preventing radical understanding in Batang Regency presented various mass organizations.

In this activity, the Kesbangpol Batang Regency presented speakers from the KBO Intelkam Batang Police, Iptu Samsul Ma’arif, members of the Intelligence Team for Korem 071/Wijaya Kusuma for the Batang Regency area, Rudhi HR.

Head of Kesbangpol Batang Regency, Agung Wisnu Barata said that intolerance is a negative orientation or a person’s rejection of the political rights of groups that are not approved. Intolerance is exclusive, most feel right, and not ready to face differences

Agung Wisnu Barata continued, the nature of radicalism changes rapidly, using violence, and in the name of religious understanding. Terrorism has the character of justifying any means and the spirit soars with zero understanding and feeling alienated.

Understanding radicalism, currently the pattern is changing, namely utilizing information technology on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Therefore, precautions are taken so that hoaxes and propaganda are not widely circulated. Journalist Yosep Adi Prasetyo said eradicating hoax news would still be the main work to be completed by members of the Press Council.

Members of radical groups are currently also spread out in cyberspace and deliberately create special sites and accounts on social media. Their goal is to spread radicalism, terrorism and thwart the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Komjen Pol Rycko A Dahniel warned the public that the potential for radicalism would increase ahead of the 2024 elections. He said this in response to a statement by the Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) Moeldoko who said radicalism would increase in 2023 -2024 coming.

Therefore, the BNPT also urges the public to be aware of various threats of intolerance ahead of the 2024 elections which can later lead to identity politics.

BNPT continues to strengthen digital literacy by collaborating with various management platforms and providers. This is an effort to keep public space on social media from having narratives that lead to intolerance and radicalism.

Radical groups want to thwart the election which is a government program. You do this by planning bombings or spreading hoaxes and propaganda on social media during the campaign period. Meanwhile, the government, by them, becomes a party that must be despised.

By collaborating between BNPT and platforms and providers, it is possible to prevent the spread of hoaxes and propaganda made by radical and terrorist groups. This collaboration is to remove content that contains radicalism, terrorism, hoaxes, and propaganda. When the content is deleted by social media managers, it is hoped that it will be able to dispel attacks from radical groups in cyberspace.

For this reason, literacy intelligence is needed in cyberspace. The reason is because the terror launched by radical groups has begun to shift to social media. Don’t just share photos or news because there is a potential for hoaxes. People have to listen carefully and don’t believe it easily.

The community continues to work together to prevent radicalism because the General Election is only a few months away. This is done by increasing internet literacy intelligence and providing education on how to distinguish between genuine news and hoaxes. Don’t let the terrorists laugh because the hoaxes they make make people antipathy towards elections.

Then, the community is able to play a major role in creating peaceful elections. Elections are an event to choose leaders and candidates for new legislation. Do not make it a place of war or fierce hostilities because you are too supportive of a particular political party or presidential candidate.

If there is hostility, radical and terrorist groups take advantage of it to provoke the public and many of them eventually abstain. Finally, the election has the potential to fail.

For the success of the 2024 Election, it is hoped that there will be cooperation from the community by voting on election day. In addition, they are expected to make elections peaceful and not easily influenced by hoaxes and propaganda. When there is hoax content created by radical groups, don’t believe it, but report it to the cyber police so that it is followed up and deleted.

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