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Together Prevent Intolerance and Identity Politics from Entering Houses of Worship Ahead of Elections

Intolerance still has the potential to occur in the 2024 elections. Of course, intolerance can be caused by the erosion of tolerance values, which is also the result of the influence of social media. 
Apart from that, identity politics is a problem that needs special attention, because these two things have the potential to damage social stability, especially if these two things find a place in places of worship.
The Indonesian nation is a society that has diverse cultures with a pluralistic nature. 
Diversity includes differences in culture, religion, race, language, ethnicity, traditions and so on. 
Even though it is not a religious state, people in Indonesia are very attached to religious life and religious freedom which is guaranteed by the constitution.
            Narratives of intolerance can occur in houses of worship such as mosques, don’t let mosques become places to hate each other just because of different ethnicities, religions and races. 
Mosques and other places of worship actually have a role to play in maintaining the government’s attitude so that it remains tolerant and does not echo Identity Politics.
            Religious leaders must be able to convey messages of peace and tolerance to their followers. 
This aims to ensure that religious people do not hate each other.
            Previously, Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said that intolerance towards other beliefs is a form of violation of the constitution. 
This is because the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
          Ma’ruf said Article 28E paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution explains that everyone is free to embrace religion and worship according to their religion. 
Not only that, he also said Article 29 paragraph 2 states that the state guarantees the freedom of every citizen to embrace their own religion.
          Ma’ruf said that tolerance needs to be part of an attitude of life, namely that everyone can accept other people’s differences, both knowing opinions and beliefs. 
According to Ma’ruf, tolerance is necessary to maintain integrity and unity. 
As the majority religion, Ma’ruf said Muslims need to uphold the principle of brotherhood.
          He reminded that the main task of every Indonesian citizen at this time is to continue to maintain national stability and the integrity of the nation with harmony and tolerance. 
Because of this, the vice president emphasized that various polemics on issues related to racism, intolerance and hate speech should become topics that appear on social media and must be guarded.
          According to Ma’ruf, one effort that can be made is to continue to maintain and safeguard the diversity that was agreed upon by the nation’s founders. 
Because, from the start, the founders of the nation had anticipated the challenges of harmony that would be faced by the Indonesian nation. 
Meanwhile, Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of the Economy, appealed to the 2024 elections to be free from identity politics, both political parties and all elements involved.
          This was agreed upon by Ujang Komarudin who is a political observer from Indonesia’s Al Azhar University. 
He agreed with the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, so that the 2024 elections would be an honest and fair democratic party. 
Not using identity politics for him not only for society. 
But this also has to reach the elite level of political parties. 
In order not to take advantage of these methods because in his opinion, he has not consistently carried out anti-identity politics.
          The question arises as to why identity politics can occur? Rahmat Bagja as Chair of Bawaslu sees the factors causing identity politics, namely the incomplete understanding of maintaining tolerance and the existence of each identity in the political space of the Republic of Indonesia. 
He also hopes that in the 2024 election, people can celebrate differences and make them a potential in developing democracy.
On a different occasion, Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Bambang Soesatyo hoped that the 2024 election would be free from identity politics. 
Because according to him, identity politics is very dangerous, this is evidenced by the impact of identity politics in the previous election which is still being felt today.
          Bamsoet hopes that in the 2024 election the competition between candidates will run healthily. 
Unlike the 2019 election which resulted in a breakdown in harmony between communities. 
The interests of identity politics are indeed quite worrying and cause rifts in the roots of national unity and integrity. 
For this reason, his party also invites all elements of the nation to voice their rejection of identity politics as a tool to gain electoral votes.
          Previously, the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) had formed a task force (task force) to prevent identity-based hatred-based political disturbances in the 2024 presidential or regional elections. The National Police collaborated with the KPU, Bawaslu and political parties in this task force.
          On a different occasion, the Chairperson of the Ansor Youth Movement (GP) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas said, entering a political year, many political actors are narrow-minded in order to further their interests. 
There are even those who are cunning by bringing up religious issues or symbols. Of course, this must be watched out for together because it is very dangerous for the unity and integrity of the nation. 
Intolerance and Identity Politics must be things to watch out for, these two things must be kept from entering the house of worship, so that social stability can be maintained.

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