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Warning of Hoaxes, PPLN Kuala Lumpur Confirms There is No Intelligence Intervention in the Election


The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Malaysia, Hermono, emphasized that it was not true that there was intelligence involvement in the elections in Kuala Lumpur. This was conveyed in response to the circulation of a video assessing intelligence involvement in the elections in the neighboring country.

“Even if there are outside parties who try to intervene, will the PPLN (Overseas Election Committee) come back, don’t they want to intervene?” explained Hermono.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Ambassador emphasized that the voter list was determined based on the results of the PPLN Kuala Lumpur Plenary meeting. So, the accusation in the one minute and nine second video which states that there was intelligence intervention in determining the Kuala Lumpur Permanent Overseas Voter List (DPTLN) is certainly not true.

Hermono continued that the plenary meeting not only involved PPLN Kuala Lumpur, but also representatives of political parties, the KPU, and the Kuala Lumpur Overseas Panwaslu.

“Then how do you want to intervene?” Hermono said,

Therefore, he emphasized that even if external parties try to intervene, PPLN must maintain its integrity.

According to him, any interested party can of course intervene, but it is up to PPLN whether they want to intervene or not.

“There is an Integrity Pact,” he said

Separately, the Chairman of PPLN Kuala Lumpur, Umar Faruk, firmly denied the involvement of intelligence in the elections. He considered that these accusations were deliberately carried out by certain elements to discredit intelligence as a government institution.

He views that the videos circulating and going viral on social media related to the issue of ballot theft, bribery by Pos Malaysia to obtain ballot papers and the involvement of government officials in manipulating the election are baseless accusations made by certain individuals who have an interest in the election. 2024.

“Until now, PPLN is also intensively communicating with the Indonesian KPU and has clarified hoax issues circulating on social media.” said Umar.

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