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World Appreciates Indonesia’s Ability to Run Democratic Elections


By: Aulia Rahma

The whole world is monitoring and giving very high appreciation to Indonesia for being able to carry out the entire series of democratic party processes and political contestation in the implementation of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) in a very orderly manner, starting from the beginning of candidate registration to the final point, namely determining the results.

Exactly on Wednesday, March 20 2024, the General Election Commission (KPU) officially announced the results of the vote count or recapitulation in the democratic party taking place in Indonesia, including the final results of the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres).

The smoothness of the entire election process, up to the determination of the final results, then received great appreciation from the Indian Ambassador to Indonesia, Sandeep Chakravorty, because he considered that this was proof of the upholding of democracy in Indonesia.

Not without reason, the Indian Ambassador admitted that over the past 25 years, the country has continued to be able to prove to all its people and even to the world the value of a democratic system in the framework of a peaceful transfer of power and inclusive political practices.

It turns out that the world who monitored the process of implementing the democratic party in Indonesia admitted that they were very impressed with the smoothness of the elections in the country. Foreign countries are of the view that the leadership circulation momentum event in this country every five years turns out to run very orderly and coolly.

Due to the very positive atmosphere, starting from the smooth running of the political contestation to the order, calm, coolness and very happy atmosphere of all people in Indonesia on the peak day of the election, namely on voting day on February 14, it can be felt by many parties in the world. .

The 2024 Election in Indonesia will be the World’s Biggest Event with One Day of Implementation

Another thing that makes the world continue to pay attention and highly appreciate the election implementation process in Indonesia is that the 2024 election this year is the biggest political contestation event in the world, which can even be completed very smoothly in just one day of implementation.

Therefore, because of the extraordinary implementation of the democratic party in Indonesia, which is even the biggest event but can be held in just one day, this is one of the reasons why many parties in the world continue to pay attention to this nation.

Even though it is the biggest political contest in the world and is only held for one day, in fact the entire election process in Indonesia is able to run very smoothly and coolly, so much so that this coolness can be felt by the world.

General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Golongan Karya Party (Golkar) Airlangga Hartarto emphasized that the 2024 Election which was held in Indonesia was part of history for the world. This is because Indonesia is the largest democratic country in the world after the United States (US) and India, so the world has judged that this nation succeeded in holding its democratic party very well.

Indonesia has become one of the history-making parties in the world regarding the implementation of elections, because it is known that the participation rate in the democratic party from all elements of the nation has reached up to 80 percent.

It is clear that this very high participation rate is something to be proud of because so far it is not necessarily a democratic country that is more advanced than Indonesia but has been able to reach such a high percentage.

The world is amazed at the enthusiasm of all Indonesian people to successfully carry out the elections

Head of the Bureau of Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSAP) Secretary General (Setjen) of the People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) Endah Tjahjani Dwirini assessed that various kinds of appreciation from world delegates were enormous for the implementation of the 2024 General Election in Indonesia.

It can be seen that the world delegates were very amazed at how all the people in Indonesia, especially in Bali, were seen as very enthusiastic about welcoming and launching the succession of elections and guarding it with enthusiasm in welcoming democracy.

Not only that, but the world delegates also saw what it was like to implement values ​​in Indonesian society as a community, such as the spirit of mutual cooperation, which amazed the international world.

One of the observers representing Northern Illinois University (NIU) in the United States, Eric Johanes, assessed that the implementation of the democratic party in Indonesia was very exciting and he really had high hopes for the progress of democracy in the country through elections. Apart from that, according to him, Indonesia should be proud because it has a very strong democratic tradition.

The Tanzanian Parliamentary Delegate, Elibarki Immanuel Kingu, congratulated Indonesia because he considered that this nation had been successful in holding one of the biggest political contestation events in the world.

The world’s appreciation for the elections in Indonesia shows that the maturity of Indonesia’s democracy has received international appreciation. Therefore, the public is expected to always maintain the security and order situation and be wary of anarchist provocations that want to disrupt leadership succession.

)* The author is an Activist at the Batavia Young Literacy Forum

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