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By : Carolina Maya Agustine )*

Indonesia has again received the honor after hosting the 2023 ASEAN Summit, now Indonesia has been chosen to host the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Summit  which will take place in Bali on 10-11 October. The AIS Forum is a forum for cooperation between island countries around the world which aims to strengthen collaboration to overcome global problems, especially maritime development. The 2023 AIS Forum Summit in Bali is very important for maintaining marine sustainability in Indonesia because it will discuss global marine issues as well as various problems faced by island and archipelagic countries in facing various potential threats at sea.

In this forum, it is hoped that participating countries can share perceptions about how to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the marine environment, because the sea holds many interests and benefits for coastal communities and countries, such as the source of life for coastal communities, export and import trade routes, and shipping routes. Apart from that, we need to equalize perceptions about what is considered a threat, such as pirates, fish thieves, and how to deal with natural disasters that may arise or global warming which will cause sea levels to rise so that efforts or ways to resolve these issues can be obtained.

Apart from maintaining maritime security, to build a maritime country, it is necessary to increase the human resource capacity of both the country itself and state officials. Improving the quality of human resources or society must be considered in developing maritime affairs and utilizing the blue economy. Lastly, there must be a joint commitment that every country really wants to do something not just for its national interests but for the common interest, the interests of almost all of humanity which currently relies heavily on the sea or relies on the sea’s potential.

The election of Indonesia as the host for the 2023 AIS Forum Summit proves that Indonesia is seen as an archipelagic country capable of holding high-level conferences. Apart from that, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit can be used as a stepping stone to boost the economies in the Bali area, for example the hotel business and Balinese cultural offerings that can be promoted.

Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic country in the world, has long had the ambition to become the world’s maritime axis. In an effort to realize this vision, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit can be used as a very important stage for Indonesia and the international community. Indonesia must be seen by other countries and can be used as an indicator of capabilities that other countries can emulate in managing their seas so that they can maintain their maritime sector.

The following are several key aspects of how the 2023 AIS Summit can be used as a medium to help realize Indonesia’s vision as the world’s maritime axis:

1. Increased Maritime Security

One of the important points in the maritime axis vision is maintaining security at sea. The 2023 AIS Summit will provide an opportunity for Indonesia to collaborate with other countries in developing technology that can monitor and secure territorial waters more effectively. This includes early detection of illegal activities, prevention of maritime robbery, and rapid response to natural disasters at sea.

2. Utilization of Maritime Data

Quality maritime data is the key to optimizing the maritime economy. The 2023 AIS Summit could be a place for Indonesia to share maritime data collection initiatives and collaborate with international partners in analyzing data. With a better understanding of maritime traffic patterns, more efficient planning of ship routes can increase productivity and reduce environmental impact.

3. Investment and International Cooperation Opportunities

The 2023 AIS Summit will attract international investment to Indonesia. This is an opportunity for this country to establish strategic partnerships in the development of the maritime sector. Through this collaboration, Indonesia can access the knowledge and resources needed to accelerate technological progress in the maritime sector.

4. Training and Human Resources Development

The 2023 AIS Summit can be used as a platform for training, learning and knowledge exchange. This will help create a workforce that is ready to face change and increase Indonesia’s competitive advantage in the maritime sector.

5. Sustainable Management of Marine Resources

Apart from security and economics, the 2023 AIS Summit can also help promote sustainable management of marine resources.

Thus, the 2023 AIS Summit has great potential to help Indonesia realize its vision of becoming the world’s maritime axis. Through collaboration that prioritizes solidarity, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation as well as a commitment to security, economy and a sustainable marine environment, Indonesia can continue to move forward in achieving this goal and play an important role in global maritime affairs.

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