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Ready to be held, the AIS Summit is a momentum for Indonesia to develop a blue economy


The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit held in Bali on October 11 2023 is an opportunity for Indonesia as an archipelagic country to demonstrate its commitment to implementing a blue economy strategy to the international community.

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a large and diverse wealth of marine resources. By holding the AIS Forum Summit, Indonesia can share experiences and knowledge with other archipelagic countries in developing a sustainable blue economy.

Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) University professor Professor Luky Adrianto said, “blue economy strategy” refers to a sustainable development approach that focuses on the sustainable management and use of marine resources.

“The blue economy can be considered as DNA (identity) for island and archipelagic countries, including Indonesia,” said Luky in an official statement.

This strategy involves various economic sectors, including fisheries, tourism, renewable energy and marine environmental management.

Through the AIS Forum Summit, Indonesia can promote cooperation between countries in managing and preserving the marine environment, improving the economy of coastal communities, developing renewable energy resources from the sea, and other efforts that support a sustainable blue economy.

Apart from that, said Luky, this forum also provides an opportunity for Indonesia to strengthen the country’s role and image as a leader in global maritime and environmental issues.

Likewise, tourism observer from Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed), Chusmeru assessed that holding the 2023 AIS Summit in Bali is very important to maintain the sustainability of Indonesia’s seas in a future full of challenges.

“One of them is the challenge of coastal exploitation and marine pollution,” said Chusmeru.

Thus, the AIS Forum Summit in Bali on 11 October 2023 is an important momentum for Indonesia to demonstrate its commitment and strategic role in implementing the blue economy strategy to the international world.

Apart from that, the AIS Summit in Bali is also aimed at strengthening regional and global cooperation in efforts to maintain the sustainability of marine ecosystems and improve the welfare of communities in coastal and island areas.

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