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As a result of the Constitutional Court’s decision, people see the existence of a political dynasty in the Jokowi family


There were many disappointed responses from the public after the Constitutional Court (MK) passed the requirements for registration as presidential and vice presidential candidates, which can be fulfilled if the person concerned has previously held or is currently occupying a position elected through general elections, including regional head elections. Even though this figure has not yet reached the lowest age limit of 40 years.

This statement was conveyed by Gus Dur’s eldest daughter, Alissa Wahid, she said that
Gibran and Jokowi should have prevented the MK’s decision.

“We hope that President Jokowi and Gibran will be the parties who prevent the Constitutional Court’s decision, this will actually give rise to views of the reproduction of family power,” explained Alissa Wahid in Jakarta, Monday 16 October 2023.

This statement was also confirmed by the Director of LIMA, Ray Rangkuti, who said that with the results of the Constitutional Court’s decision now the people clearly reject it.

“Just yesterday the public saw a case of nepotism through a new child becoming the Chairman of a Political Party, now we are again being shown the practice of nepotism from political dynasties,” stressed Ray Rangkuti.

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