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People Condemn the Results of the Constitutional Court’s Decision, Regarding the Decision of Regional Leaders to Be Allowed to Become Vice Presidential Candidates Even if They Are Under 40 Years Old


There was a lot of disappointment from the public after the Constitutional Court (MK) passed the requirements for registration as presidential and vice presidential candidates, which can be fulfilled if the person concerned has previously held or is currently holding a position elected through general elections, including regional head elections. Even though this figure has not yet reached the lowest age limit of 40 years.

This was conveyed by Constitutional Law Expert Bivitri Susanti, who considered that the Constitutional Court had betrayed the constitution.

“This decision is like an orchestra from the Constitutional Court, and the President is clearly betraying the constitution,” said Bivitri to the media in Jakarta, Monday 16 October 2023.

This was also conveyed by Titi Anggaraini, she revealed that the people were very disappointed with the results of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

“The public is very disappointed with the Constitutional Court’s decision which should consistently reject all claims regarding the age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidates,” said Titi Anggaraini.

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