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Indonesia is Ready to Hold the 2023 AIS Summit as a Strategic Forum for Island Countries


By : Winda Wirawan )*

Indonesia is trusted to host the first AIS Forum Summit after being planned for the previous seven years. The AIS Forum Summit has the principle of embracing and collaborating with all island and archipelagic countries, as well as concretely creating programs that originate from the interests of the community. Based on this principle, a number of island and archipelagic countries participated in the first AIS Forum Summit on 11 October 2023 in Bali.

Assistant Deputy for Delimitation of Maritime Zones and Border Areas at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Sora Lokita, at a media briefing explained that Indonesia has many best practices, so Indonesia does not want to save only for its own needs, but wants to create a global movement where solutions to the problems of island and archipelagic countries can be mobilized from all over. world. The hope is that this movement will become more massive and ultimately island and archipelagic countries can face challenges together.

This makes the AIS Summit a forum for formulating solutions to the problems of island and archipelagic countries as well as a forum for aspirations and hopes that prioritize the interests of the people of archipelagic countries. 

Sora Lokita also added that the AIS Forum Summit which was held in Bali, had a main target, namely formulating a leaders’ declaration which contained the hopes of state leaders, how in the future the AIS Forum Summit would continue to develop into an international organization that could help the benefit of islanders or residents. in island and archipelagic countries. Apart from that, the AIS Summit is also expected to improve and enhance various programs and work that have been carried out so far. 

On the same occasion, Director of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication Septriana Tangkary also attended the 2023 AIS Forum Media Briefing and explained the aim of the AIS Forum, namely to overcome global problems in the first 4 areas, including, climate change mitigation and adaptation, blue economy, handling plastic waste at sea and good maritime governance. 

Meanwhile, UNDP Indonesia’s Senior Advisor for Climate Governance, Abdul Wahib Situmorang, revealed that there were at least a number of important messages from holding the 2023 AIS Forum. Firstly, the sea is the backbone of island and archipelago countries, so it is very important to protect and utilize the sea which is the lifeblood through sustainable development. 

Second, island and archipelagic countries need smart and diverse solutions according to current and future needs and conditions. Therefore, it is hoped that the AIS forum can produce solutions that are not only owned by developed countries, but also by developing countries and can be implemented together according to regional conditions by making it an AIS Pedia platform.

These activities include an entrepreneurship workshop in Vanuatu, which was warmly welcomed and considered concrete collaboration with the AIS Forum. Other activities were also held in Fiji, Solomon Island, Dominica, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea.

Since its initiation in 2018, the total member countries of the AIS Forum have reached 51 countries, various series of meetings at the level of high-level officials and state ministers of the AIS Forum have also been held to build and strengthen collaboration between AIS countries.

At the 2023 AIS Forum in Nusa Dua, Bali, 11 October 2023, Indonesia will also invite a number of archipelagic countries to join various meetings at the high-ranking official level, ministerial level and head of state level.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Usman Kansong, conveyed the need for an active role for the media as a means for the Government to become a channel for reporting on the 2023 AIS Summit activities. 

To ensure the success of this event, national and local media amplify the activities of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit so that the public can know and understand, especially regarding concrete examples of what has been done and the benefits of the AIS Forum for Indonesia. 

Trust for Indonesia as the host of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit has no meaning and meaning if it is not conveyed to the public through participation from the media. Therefore, it is hoped that National Media and Local Media can amplify the implementation of AIS so that the public can understand it better,

For your information, the 2023 AIS Summit is an Indonesian initiative which was first discussed in 2017. This forum is considered important because Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world. So it is hoped that Indonesia can contribute to the global community and to countries that have similar geographical characteristics.

The main theme of the 2023 AIS Forum is “Fostering Collaboration, Enabling Innovation, for our Ocean and Our Future” with an emphasis on blue economy, our ocean, our future, and solidarity.

Holding the AIS Summit not only adds to Indonesia’s leadership in the international world, but also the country’s commitment to overcoming global island problems. Thus, cooperation from all parties is needed to make this a success.

)* Observer of Economic Issues

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