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Luke Enembe Must Be Ready to Accept Legal Consequences


 Lukas Enembe finally wants to be questioned by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) even though he is sick. The examination was carried out in Papua because of his physical condition which made it impossible for him to travel long distances. However, even though the examination was not carried out in Jakarta, it still follows the KPK standards and is guaranteed to remain objective.

The case of Lukas Enembe has not been completed but has shown progress, when the Governor of Papua finally wanted to be examined by the KPK investigation team . However, he was checked at his home in Jayapura, Papua , because he was still having a stroke, so he couldn’t take a plane to Jakarta. The KPK team finally visited Lukas Enembe at his home in Papua .

Even though Lukas Enembe is being investigated in Papua , that does not mean he is privileged, because his situation is different from the other suspects. The reason is because in almost 2 months, there were some Papuans who were guarding around Luke’s house for fear that Lukas would be picked up by the KPK and security forces to Jakarta.

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So, the examination of Lukas Enembe in Papua is also a form of reducing conflict so that there will be no riots, even bloodshed. The KPK also guarantees that the examination will be conducted objectively, even if it is held at Lukas Enembe ‘s private home . The public does not need to worry because the KPK ‘s performance has always been objective.https://db05310250788f4b85be1a3a86903d78.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-39/html/container.html

The examination of Lukas Enembe was also carried out at home, not in the open field as Luke had previously requested. The KPK also guarantees that the Lukas case will still be resolved by state law, not customary law as requested by Stafanus Roy ( Lukas Enembe ‘s lawyer ).

Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri stated that Lukas Enembe was willing to be questioned by the KPK if he was at his own home. He had met directly with the Governor of Papua and saw for himself that Lukas was really sick.

In a sense, the case of Lukas Enembe will never be finished if he is still forced to be flown to Jakarta. This time the KPK came to Papua not because it had given in, but because it wanted a quick investigation. The reason is, if Lukas continues to be absent from the Papua Provincial Government Office because it is still a case, then the community will be harmed because the governor’s position is vacant.

If Lukas Enembe has been investigated, the next step can be taken and he will be sentenced to a minimum of 4 years in prison or a maximum of 20 years in prison, in accordance with Article 31 of the 1999 Criminal Code. Then, an acting governor can be elected to replace Lukas’ position. The community can also take care of the administration smoothly and the Papua Provincial Government Office is active again.

Examination by the KPK is guaranteed to be objective and professional. The public does not have to worry about the objectivity of the KPK , even though the investigation was carried out in Papua .

The KPK came to Jayapura, Papua , bringing a team of independent doctors from IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association). The team of doctors will check Luke’s health first, then the KPK will conduct an investigation. Although Lukas had previously been examined by a team of doctors from Singapore, the KPK wanted to see if he really had a stroke or was just pretending to be sick.

Meanwhile, Septinus Tibo, Ondoafi (Chief) Tibo, appreciated Lukas Enembe who wanted to be examined by the KPK . According to him, Luke is a governor, so he understands and understands that what the state is doing is right. He also appealed to Papuans who were still on guard around Lukas’ house to disperse, because their actions were against the law.

In a sense, Papuans themselves are happy because the governor is responsible for his mistakes. If Lukas Enembe   is already corrupt and receives gratification, then he is ready to accept whatever the punishment is. Even though Lukas is a native Papuan , he is not defended to the fullest, because he was guilty and stole state money.

Luke Enembe was a governor but was not above the law. If he is proven to be corrupt then he must be willing to be investigated and will accept the consequences, namely languishing in a correctional institution. He is also threatened with a fine and the payment of the fine cannot erase his sentence.

Papuans are indeed ashamed to have a governor who is a corrupt person. However, they were even more embarrassed when the governor did not want to be responsible and hid in his house citing a stroke, and refused to be investigated.

When Lukas wants to be examined by the KPK , it is certain that the case will be completed quickly. Lukas is being investigated in Papua so that the investigation can be completed quickly and the case will not drag on. The KPK guarantees that the examination is carried out in a very objective manner. Before being examined by the KPK , Lukas will be examined by a team of doctors from IDI for a health check, so he doesn’t have to be afraid of having another stroke after the examination.

The examination of Lukas Enembe was conducted in Jayapura, Papua . This is done with the aim that the case is quickly resolved. This does not mean that Luke is privileged by the KPK . He is not above the law despite serving as governor. After the examination, Lukas will receive the consequences in the form of imprisonment and a fine.

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