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Security Officials Ensure Security Readiness for the AIS Forum Summit in Bali


Bali – Bali Province will be the location for the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit on 10 – 11 October 2023.

To ensure that the conference remains safe and smooth, security forces will tighten security around the conference venue. So that VVIP guests from various countries can carry out all state activities comfortably.

Regarding security for the AIS Forum Summit, Kodam IX/Udayana continues to optimize various preparations. One of these things was realized in the implementation of the Tactical Floor Game (TFG) at Makodam Udayana.

Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Harfendi as Dansatgas Pamwil explained that the TGF activities were a continuation of security preparations from the regional security task force and the AIS summit evacuation task force.

“This is also to measure the extent of our readiness in the plans that have been prepared during the AIS Summit activities,” he said.

Furthermore, Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Harfendi instructed that all Task Forces and other related elements in the territorial assignment area of ​​Kodam IX/Udayana were ready to carry out security duties.

“I hope that it goes according to plan and that there will be no changes to the time and objects that we have prepared,” he concluded.

Previously, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono asked the special forces who are part of the Special Forces Task Force to train ahead of the AIS Forum Summit. One of what the TNI Commander meant was Counter-Terror Training (Latgultor).

“Even though our special forces have often trained, ahead of this summit, training still needs to be carried out because it aims to strengthen or sharpen their combat instincts whenever they are faced with real threats,” said TNI Commander Yudo Margono.

TNI Commander Yudo Margono also reminded all personnel involved to jointly demonstrate Indonesia’s strength in securing international events.

“Success and success not only impacts the reputation of security officers but the reputation of Indonesia’s name in the international arena,” said TNI Commander Yudo Margono.

For your information, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will take place in Bali and will invite dozens of island and archipelago countries as well as a number of international organizations. This year, the 2023 AIS Forum carries the theme “Fostering Collaboration, Enabling Innovation for Our Ocean and Our Future”.

The meeting agenda will focus on three important aspects, namely blue economy development, the challenge of climate change, and strengthening solidarity between island and island countries.

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