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Supporting Strengthening the Role of Women in Advancing Esports


By: Agung Priatna ) *

The role that all female esports athletes have in advancing the world of esports in Indonesia cannot be denied at all and can’t be underestimated anymore. In fact, there are still issues related to gender inequality that must be resolved immediately for the advancement of the country’s esports ecosystem so that it can reach the world stage.

The issue of gender inequality is still a challenge in itself, even in the world of esports. Therefore, it is actually a challenge for all parties to be able to answer it so that there is gender equality so that both female and male esports athletes can build an esports ecosystem together for the betterment of the country. It is not even possible to become a world barometer.

The reason is, it cannot be denied that if for example the esports ecosystem is only supported by male players, then the progress of its growth may be very slow, or it may even be disrupted. For this reason, the role of women is very important.

Responding to all these challenges, the Special Staff for Communication and Public Relations of the Indonesian Esports Council (PBESI), Debora Imanuella explained in a talk show titled ‘Women in Esports’, which was one of the events held by the Indonesia Esports Summit and the International Esports Federation. (IESF) World Esports Championships 2022 states that gender equality is indeed a very important pillar to support the growth of the esports ecosystem.

According to him, this will be able to create a sense of security and comfort for female esports athletes, so that they can also increase their participation to help improve the country’s esports sector and even advance to the world stage.

Furthermore, Debora stated that so far there is still gender inequality in the world of esports, which is of course the biggest obstacle for female athletes to be able to show how their potential can come forward.

For this reason, according to her, the discussion on ‘Women in Esports’ can certainly become the greatest momentum for female esports athletes to be able to support one another. For him, the concept of gender equity itself is an acknowledgment of the needs and abilities of female gamers, which are clearly different from male athletes.

Precisely so far the issue of gender inequality itself, according to Debora’s assessment, is still not really optimal to be handled. Even though this issue is an issue that is very important in order to be able to show how the role of women is. Therefore, this momentum must be utilized as well as possible for fellow women to be able to support, protect and also inspire one another.

The PBESI Special Staff for Communication and Public Relations then also conveyed to all women to be able to continue to work very hard so that they can really develop into whatever they choose. The reason is, all women actually have the same potential and cannot be underestimated when compared to men. These women can be very great too.

Debora continues to support these women, not only in the world of esports, but they can also continue to grow, whether it’s in the professional world in the industry, or even as a pro player, caster, influencer or brand ambassador. Precisely now is the most appropriate time for all these women to show the world how important their role is, and this can be realized if done together.

Meanwhile, a former pro player, Audrey FF also gave a concrete example regarding a personal experience he had, namely he was once a victim of bullying. This clearly makes it clearer that indeed the issue of gender inequality in the world of esports is still happening.

In fact, he added, when he became a victim of the bullying, his mental health was disturbed so that he had to undergo treatment and therapy. Even so, he could not at all immediately judge that it was as if this gender inequality was intentional. Instead, this could have happened because of the values ​​that have been continuously internalized.

Responding to this, Audrey then argued that it is indeed very important that there is a lot of outreach and also education to the wider audience so that all gender inequality behaviors, which the perpetrators may not be aware of, become increasingly known so they don’t do it anymore so that this issue can be resolved immediately. .

Indeed, this gender inequality is a very crucial issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Because if not, it will obviously greatly disrupt the growth and development of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. Whereas on the other hand, the role that all female esports athletes themselves cannot be underestimated and underestimated because they are able to help support the advancement of the country’s esports ecosystem to the world stage.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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