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UKI Professor Prof. Angel Damayanti is Confident that the AIS Summit Forum will Boost the National Economy and Improve Indonesia’s Image in the Eyes of the World


Jakarta – Professor of FISIPOL, Indonesian Christian University (UKI) Jakarta, Prof. Angel Damayanti, Ph.D said the AIS Forum Summit held in Bali 10 – 11 October could boost the national economy and improve Indonesia’s image in the eyes of the world.

Indonesia hosting the 2023 AIS Forum Summit could have a big impact on the economy, which means boosting the economies in the Bali area, for example, hotels are fully occupied and other creative economies can be promoted. “For me, this is very positive for improving Indonesia’s image and economy, of course,” said Professor of FISIPOL, Indonesian Christian University (UKI) Jakarta, Prof. Angel Damayanti, Ph.D while attending the National Dialogue on Pancasila TV Saturday 7/10/2023 in Jakarta.

The 2023 AIS Forum Summit in Bali will have a very positive impact on Indonesia. The AIS Forum Summit had a positive impact on Indonesia because it was proven that Indonesia had a very important role, Indonesia was also involved in discussing issues about the sea or maritime affairs or about various problems faced by island and archipelagic countries in facing various existing potential threats. at sea, he explained.

Indonesia’s role is very strategic because Indonesia is seen by other countries to discuss maritime issues globally. As host, Indonesia has the right to determine the theme and agenda that will be discussed at the conference. Indonesia has the privilege to promote what is considered important, such as advancing the blue economy, ensuring Indonesia’s maritime security from the threat of damage to the marine environment, he concluded.

“As the host, Indonesia also has more freedom to determine how to agree on an agenda and agree on a joint declaration,” said the UKI Professor.

He added that at the 2023 AIS Forum Summit, it is important to realize the increase in human resource capacity of both the country itself and state officials in managing the sea well.

Apart from that, the improvement of the community must also be considered in maritime development and the use of the blue economy, he said.

According to him, Indonesia must encourage island and archipelagic countries to have a joint commitment that each country is truly willing to act not just for its national interests but for the common interest, the interests of almost all of humanity which currently relies heavily on the sea or depends on on marine potential.

Indonesia has enormous potential. From the surface of the sea it can be used as energy, while from deep in the sea marine biota can be used to earn a living such as fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc. Then, there is more from the seabed, such as natural gas and oil. “Then the beach can be used for the creative economy, tourism will develop rapidly,” he said.

If it is not maintained properly, it is not managed well, it would be a shame, later we could lose the opportunity to enjoy our own sea. “Indonesia is very rich in maritime potential, but we must equip the human resources capacity of our navy and the human resources of our community to be able to maintain the security of our seas optimally so that our people can enjoy that prosperity,” he stressed.

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