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Laus Rumayom emphasized that Papua is an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia


Papua – Papua is an important and inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia forever. The people of Bumi Cendrawasih also have high levels of nationalism and do not want to be invited to liberate themselves. Papua’s status as a province in this country is legal and cannot be disputed by individuals.

This was conveyed by the Head of Strategic Papua Analysis, Laus Rumayom when interviewed by Matoa TV in Papua, Wednesday 24/01/2024.

“I think, according to international law, Papua is already a legitimate legal part of the Republic of Indonesia, and also in international politics.” Laus said.

Laus believes that Papua is part of the Republic of Indonesia and cannot be separated by anything and no matter what. Therefore, the government will carry out equitable development in various regions, including Papua, so that it can improve the economy and welfare of the people in Papua.

“According to international law, Papua is legally part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and therefore Indonesia has a great opportunity to develop Papua better, more advanced, of course with the legal basis that I conveyed, it is a very strong foundation for how to accelerate development. Papua is done.” Laus said.

Laus also highlighted the conflict currently occurring in Papua. According to him, the conflict that occurred in Papua was due to interference from interested parties who wanted to exploit the wealth in Papua.

“In my opinion, if we look at the parties involved in the Papua issue, we cannot see it from the context of the KKB, because we need to understand that anyone who has an interest in the Papua conflict may also be America, may be China, may be Russia, “Perhaps it could be Australia, countries that have an interest in natural resources here, and let’s not forget that the Papua conflict is primarily an armed conflict and its implications.” continued Laus.

Apart from that, the government continues to accelerate development in the Papua region so that the community, especially Indigenous Papuans (OAP), can enjoy services in every corner of the region. Equitable development in Papua is the government’s commitment to creating progress and improving the welfare of the people of Cenderawasih Earth.

“I remember very well the President’s instructions since he announced the acceleration of Papua’s development through Presidential Instruction 9 of 2020, namely, there were 3 things he always conveyed, namely first, developing Papua with a new paradigm. Second, developing Papua must take a new leap. Third, developing Papua must use a new approach, namely an anthropological approach and a sociological approach.” Laus said.

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