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Building Young Papuan Talents Through the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH)


The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building as one of the government’s efforts to distribute national development has been inaugurated directly by President Joko Widodo in March 2023.

The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building was magnificently built and has complete facilities. The facility is to support the interests, talents and creativity of young people in the Land of Papua.

This building will later be used and utilized by Papuan youth who are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) in carrying out their work programs for the welfare of the people in Papua and West Papua.

Deputy IV for the Economy of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Made Kartikajaya said, the construction of the PYCH is one of the potential developments for Papuan youth to be able to compete in any field to be able to help improve the welfare of Papua.

“In this era of globalization and the economy, competition is getting tougher and we must have the skills and abilities to be able to win competition in the world of work and in the context of filling development, for the people of Papua themselves and Indonesia,” said Made Kartikajaya.

“So we really hope that we must empower and prepare these Papuan children to become development fighters for the welfare of Papua and Indonesia,” he continued.

For this reason, PYCH provides facilities for Papuan youths to be able to develop the potential and talents of young Papuans. Inside the PYCH building there is a podcast room which is used as a forum for inspiration for Papuan youth. In addition, there are also photo studio facilities and t-shirt screen printing for youth who wish to develop skills in this field.

PYCH Chairperson Simon Tabuni said the facilities at PYCH are ideals that can be used to increase creativity and innovation for young Papuans.

“This PYCH building is already a representation of what it aspires to be where there is a place to facilitate the creativity and spirit of innovation from young people,” said Simon.

The PYCH building also provides facilities and training for the development of MSMEs in the land of Papua. The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has a role in fostering Papuan youths to be able to progress and innovate in developing MSMEs, one of which is in the livestock sector.

Maria Fransisca Tambingon, one of the business actors in the laying hen business, said that PYCH has a very big role for the development of MSMEs in the land of Papua.

“I am supported by training and also we are building at several points the same business from laying hens and building relationships in regencies in the province of Papua and also we are given motivation and encouragement to develop laying hens business,” said Maria Fransisca

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