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Government Distributes Logistics for Residents Affected by Extreme Weather in Papua


By: Salmon Kadepa

The government is making every effort to distribute logistical assistance to residents affected by extreme weather in Yahukimo Papua. With this assistance, it is hoped that famine in the region can be prevented.

Amuma District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountain Province, is currently facing major challenges due to extreme weather that has been going on since August 2023. The impact of these extreme weather changes has caused suffering and even death among the local population.

Responding to this situation, the Papua Regional Police are preparing to distribute 4 tons of logistical assistance provided by the Central Government. This assistance consists of various basic necessities, such as rice, instant noodles and medicines which are really needed by the affected communities.

This effort reflects the Government’s commitment to helping the residents of Amuma District to overcome the serious problems they face due to extreme weather.

Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Police Commissioner. Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, SH, SIK, M.Kom, explained that the logistical assistance that will be distributed has a vital role in helping people affected by extreme weather. He underlined the importance of this effort in responding to the crisis currently being faced by local residents.

In this humanitarian action taken, the aim is to provide assistance to residents hit by extreme weather. The data we have managed to obtain shows that in recent months, Amuma District has experienced a number of deaths caused by a number of factors, including health problems and old age, said Commissioner Benny.

Data received from the Yahukimo Regional Government Emergency Response Team noted that from August 2023 until now, 24 people have died in Amuma District. These deaths affected residents of 13 villages spread across the area.

The causes of death vary, including illness and old age. This situation is certainly very worrying, and demands shared responsibility in providing timely and effective assistance to affected residents.

The importance of this assistance was also emphasized by the Head of the Papua Regional Police (Kapolda), Inspector General Mathius Fachiri. The Regional Police Chief emphasized that personnel from the Yahukimo Police and the Yahukimo Regional Government Emergency Response Team would directly distribute this logistical assistance. Full support is given by the Regional Police Chief to the regional government’s efforts to overcome the problem of hunger which is currently threatening the people of Papua.

The Papua Police Chief wants a similar situation not to happen again in the future. In this context, he emphasized that it is hoped that providing immediate assistance will have a significant positive impact on the affected communities. The Papua Police Chief also emphasized that the Papua Police will continue to be committed to supporting the regional government’s efforts in facing the challenge of hunger caused by extreme weather and various other factors in the Papua region.

The logistical assistance distributed by the Papua Regional Police is a crucial step in responding to this crisis. Currently, the affected communities need real support from the government, both in the form of logistical assistance and long-term efforts to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

It is important to remember that the situation faced by the residents of Amuma District is a strong reminder of the importance of preparedness and rapid response in the face of extreme weather changes. The increasingly real climate change requires us to more seriously consider its impacts and how we can prepare to face them.

The logistical assistance that will be distributed is a very important first step in overcoming this crisis. However, long-term measures must also be considered. This includes efforts to build community resilience to climate change, improve access to health services, and support education that can help communities deal with situations that may arise in the future.

The crisis in Amuma District, Papua, is a warning for all of us to unite in facing the challenges faced by local communities. Humanity must always be the main guide in handling situations like this. All parties, including governments, aid agencies, the media and the general public, have an important role to play in ensuring that needed aid and support reaches those who need it.

This situation also shows that cooperation between various parties, both central government, regional government and local communities, is the key to overcoming problems like this. By moving together, we can ensure that the steps taken are the best for the affected communities and that crises like this do not happen again in the future.

The Papua Regional Police and the Joint Emergency Response Team of the Yahukimo Regional Government have shown their commitment to providing much-needed assistance to the people of Amuma District. All parties need to support these efforts and ensure that aid reaches those who need it.

Now is the right time to unite and make humanity the main priority in dealing with this crisis. With good cooperation, we can help the people of Amuma District to recover from the hardships they experience due to extreme weather and build a better future.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bandung

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