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The Government’s Persuasive Approach Successfully Improves the Prosperity of Relocated Residents on Rempang Island


By: Indira Nasution )*

The government is committed to continuing to approach citizens by protecting people’s rights, cultural rights and the birthright of citizens who have lived for generations in Rempang Eco City . The approach taken is of course to prioritize persuasive communication during outreach and data collection.

Apart from that, the government has strengthened outreach to the community regarding waiting money and rental fees to the community so that they know about these good things so that rejection does not occur. The steps taken by the government to suppress this act of rejection ensure a more prosperous future for the residents of Rempang Island.

Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia confirmed that the government will provide guarantees of rights for residents of Rempang Island who are affected by the construction of the Rempang Eco City project . According to Minister Bahlil, there are several costs that the government will provide for affected Rempang residents, such as waiting money and house or rental fees.

Member of Commission VI DPR RI, Hendrick Lewerissa supports the government’s decision through the Ministry of Investment to provide compensation to the residents of Rempang Island who are affected by the Rempang Eco City National Strategic Project (PSN) . This is considered to be the right step and deserves support. Hendrick agreed to the steps that have been taken and will be taken by the government regarding residents on Rempang Island who are directly affected by the Eco City investment plan .

Hendrick added that the most important thing is that the government’s good intentions are well socialized to the affected communities so that they can understand and accept them well. Another thing that the government must pay serious attention to is ensuring that the amount of money they will receive is in accordance with what has been decided by the government so that public trust in the government is positive.

According to Hendrick, this usually and often happens in various places, the implementation and realization of compensation funds from the government are not fully accepted by the community, thus damaging the public’s trust in the government. He said that his party would use their constitutional rights as members of the DPR to monitor the government’s steps on Rempang Island. This is of course to ensure that the interests of all parties related to the investment are properly protected

The country still needs investment to encourage economic growth and create employment opportunities for the Indonesian people, especially for the residents of Rempang Island. The country needs investment to encourage economic growth, create new jobs so that it can reduce unemployment and poverty rates and provide economic benefits in the form of Regional Original Income (PAD) to the regions and taxes and non-tax state income (PNBP) to the state

Apart from that, the government needs to be consistent with what has been decided and not change it in the future for reasons of lack of budget or the like. The government must continue to prioritize ethics in investing so that people’s rights are not neglected, and control investors so that they do not arbitrarily violate existing regulations for the sake of environmental sustainability, both environmental and social.

Investments that should be made in Indonesia are ethical and responsive investments. Ethical means requiring all investment activities to comply with all applicable regulatory norms in the Indonesian legal state, and be responsive to environmental responsibilities, both environmental and social.

On the other hand, the Batam Concession Agency (BP) held a Grand Kenduri to welcome residents from Rempang Island who were willing to relocate. The Grand Kenduri was held at the Buana Central Park Tembesi field. A number of residents from various circles attended. These include religious leaders, youth leaders, mothers and children to occupy new residences.

The chief executive of Kenduri, Rusli, said that the residents who were willing to be relocated expressed their thanks very much because they had been facilitated while this shift was underway. It is believed that the Rempang Eco City development project will progress with development and development in the future. Rusli also hopes for the community, especially on Rempang Island, to always maintain harmony in the country so that conflict does not occur.

The representative of Rempang residents, Azan, also expressed his gratitude to BP Batam for receiving facilities in temporary housing and providing a decent and comfortable place. Azan and other residents really support the development, even the temporary housing they live in is very decent and comfortable.

As for Juliana, a resident from Pasir Panjang also said that she was happy that the approach and persuasive steps taken by BP Batam to accelerate development had so far been carried out in a humane manner. Juliana and her family were placed in a suitable place. For residents who have not been relocated, Juliana hopes that the government will socialize them again so they can join this new relocation site. Juliana hopes that the Rempang Eco City development project can guarantee sustainability and a decent life for children and grandchildren in the future.

The Head of BP Batam, through members of the Regional and Investment Division of BP Batam, Sudirman Saad, welcomed Rempang residents who were willing to move to new temporary housing. He also revealed that a few days ago, BP Batam had conveyed the aspirations of Rempang residents to the central government.

The government plans to also hold training for the community. Especially in residential complex areas, training facilities will be provided such as sewing, making MSME products and others. Sudirman also said that children attending school would also be picked up and picked up by buses prepared by the Batam City Government and BP Batam.

This progress cannot be separated from the efforts of BP Batam which continues to prioritize a persuasive approach when conducting outreach and collecting data on residents affected by the Rempang development. In addition, the central government through BP Batam is also committed to paying attention to community rights in development. Therefore, the public does not need to worry because the area has great potential, where the first to benefit are the Rempang residents themselves.

The author is a nature lover student at FK UNS

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