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IKN Becomes a Strategic Policy to Realize Indonesia’s Progress


By : Andika Pratama )*

One of the significant breakthroughs currently is the policy for developing the National Capital of the Archipelago (IKN). As an optimistic step, moving the capital city from Jakarta to this new location aims to advance Indonesia holistically through infrastructure development, economic empowerment and improving the quality of life.

President Jokowi visited IKN again in East Kalimantan on Wednesday (17/1) in order to carry out groundbreaking or laying the first stone for a number of projects at IKN. There are at least 10 IKN projects that were inaugurated by the head of state. The various groundbreaking processes are part of the preparations ahead of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day Ceremony on August 17 2024.

President Jokowi is optimistic that the implementation of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17 2024 can be held at IKN. He assessed that the development of IKN development continues to show good results as indicated by the increasing number of investments going into IKN. One of them is the Jambuluwuk Nusantara Hotel.

Not only that, President Jokowi also appreciated the construction of a logistics hub by PT Pos Indonesia in collaboration with PT Bina Karya. According to the President, this will complement the facilities and infrastructure that do not yet exist at IKN. The President added that in the future there will be many more projects that will begin the construction or groundbreaking process, along with the influx of investors. However, President Jokowi emphasized that the Government will be very careful and strictly select incoming investment.

The IKN development project received a positive response from various parties, including legislative circles. Member of Commission IV DPRD Central Kalimantan, Henry considers that the IKN project in East Kalimantan has the potential to increase development progress, especially on the island of Kalimantan. The presence of the new Indonesian IKN in East Kalimantan will certainly have an impact on development on the island of Kalimantan, including Central Kalimantan. Because, so far development has still been focused on the island of Java or what could be called Javacentric.

The decision to move the capital from Jakarta, which was announced in 2019, was not a step taken without careful consideration. Jakarta faces serious challenges, ranging from flooding, traffic jams and significant land subsidence. It is hoped that moving the capital will address this problem while providing the opportunity to develop a more modern and sustainable government center.

Head of the IKN Authority, Bambang Susantono, said that building IKN Nusantara is not the same as building an ordinary city which is dominated by physical buildings and infrastructure alone. According to him, the project to build the capital of the archipelago is to build spirit, build community and build social closeness. A city that has a spirit or soul is not boring because people feel happiness.

IKN Nusantara is proposed as a strategic policy center that will become a locomotive for national development. With modern infrastructure and adequate facilities, the new capital is expected to provide a conducive environment for efficient policy implementation and decision making. An effective policy center is the foundation for economic growth and societal prosperity.

One of the main focuses of this plan is the development of international quality infrastructure. Advanced transportation networks, modern healthcare facilities and integrated information technology will form the basic framework for the success of the new capital. Massive investment in infrastructure aims not only to meet the current needs of the population but also to support long-term growth.

The relocation of the capital is not just a physical change, but is also an opportunity to create a new, sustainable economic center. By developing diverse economic sectors, from industry to tourism, the government hopes to create new jobs and spread economic growth to a wider region, reducing development gaps between regions.

Head of BPS Amalia Adiningrat Widyawati said that the economic growth of Kalimantan Island was recorded at 4.83% in the third quarter of 2023. Among the provinces within it, East Kalimantan was recorded as having the largest growth, namely 2.76%. Apart from that, East Kalimantan’s economic growth was driven by consumption growth of 16.26%, in line with IKN development.

One crucial aspect of moving the capital is the commitment to environmental sustainability. Strategic steps are taken to minimize environmental impacts and ensure that development is carried out with ecological balance in mind. Conservation of nature and the environment is the main basis in planning and implementing this project.

The success of relocating the capital city does not only depend on government policy, but also involves active community participation. Transparency in the decision-making process, community involvement in planning, and local empowerment are important components to ensure that the new capital truly reflects the needs and aspirations of the Indonesian people.

In conclusion, IKN is not only a new administrative place, but also a symbol of major changes in Indonesia’s development journey. Through international quality infrastructure, economic empowerment and a commitment to sustainability, relocating the capital creates the foundation for a better future. With the support and collaboration of all parties, Indonesia is approaching a new era full of potential and progress.

)* The author is a graduate student at Uhamka

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