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Society Needs to Guard Honest and Fair Elections


By : Vania Salsabila Pratama )*

General Elections (Pemilu) are an important milestone in a country’s democratic journey. As the 2024 election approaches, awareness of the central role of society in overseeing this process is increasingly urgent. Elections are not just a routine event, but a crucial moment that creates the foundation for the future of democracy.

Therefore, it is important for the public to be actively involved and take on the role of guardians, ensuring that elections are carried out honestly and fairly. In this spotlight, government initiatives, supervisory institutions, and support from the community are the main keys to a healthy and dignified democratic process.

The Makassar City Government, South Sulawesi, has shown a strong commitment to maintaining synergy between the government, TNI and the community in guarding the 2024 Peaceful Elections. Head of National Unity and Politics for Makassar City, Andi Evidence Djufrie, expressed his appreciation for the initiative of Kodim 1408/Makassar which carried out the activities Friday Blessings and Greetings to Residents.

This program, which directly contacts the community, is considered a positive step to build mutual understanding and socialize the importance of creating a conducive social security and social security situation ahead of the elections.

According to Andi Evidence, active community participation in socializing the importance of participating in elections is the main key to a healthy democratic process. With two election agendas in 2024, namely the presidential and legislative elections on February 14, as well as the governor, mayor and regent elections in November, he emphasized his hope that this year’s elections can run peacefully with high public participation.

Dandim 1408/Makassar, Lizardo Gumay, stated that this activity was not only a form of listening to people’s aspirations, but also an effort to ensure that the elections took place peacefully.
The Makassar City Government recorded that the satisfaction and comfort index of living in Makassar reached 89.2 percent, and these steps were taken to continue to increase community satisfaction by responding directly to their aspirations.

Babinsa, which is an integral part of these activities, provides explanations to the community about their role in ensuring that the elections run peacefully. The invitation to participate in creating peaceful elections on February 14 2024 is conveyed with the hope that the entire community can actively participate in maintaining the integrity and fairness of the democratic process.

On the other hand, the General Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) of Gamping District, DIY, places emphasis on the need for honest and fair supervision in the 2024 Election. To ensure the smooth running of this process, the Gamping Panwaslu opens up opportunities for community members to become Polling Place Supervisors ( TPS).

The Chair of the Gamping District Panwaslu, Adnan Iman Nurtjahjo, explained that the role of the TPS Supervisor was vital in ensuring that voting took place in accordance with statutory regulations. By forming 285 TPS Supervisors who will be assigned to Regular Voting Places and Special Locations, Panwaslu Gamping is trying to ensure that the democratic process runs transparently and is free from violations or fraud.

Registration for a TPS Supervisor involves a series of requirements, including a registration letter, a copy of your KTP, a photograph, a copy of your last educational certificate, a curriculum vitae, and a stamped statement. Adnan also emphasized that the health of prospective TPS supervisors is a priority, with the facilitation of health checks that can be accessed at the local health center.

Referring to the regulations governing the formation of TPS Supervisors, the Gamping Panwaslu emphasized that their presence would help the voting and counting process run smoothly. As a form of responsibility towards democracy, the Gamping Panwaslu asks for the active participation of the community in maintaining the integrity and fairness of the 2024 Election.

In West Jakarta, readiness to oversee the 2024 General Election can also be seen from the participation of 130 community organizations (Ormas). Consisting of three government-formed organizations and 127 independent mass organizations, they stated their readiness to support peaceful, safe, honest and fair elections in the local area.

Head of the West Jakarta National Unity and Political Unity Agency (Kasuban), Mohammad Matsani, explained that FKDM, FKUB, and FPK are three mass organizations formed by the government that have officially declared their involvement. Meanwhile, 127 other mass organizations, which reported their existence to the West Jakarta City Government, also expressed their readiness to support the 2024 election process.

Matsani emphasized the importance of cooperation between mass organizations and the general public to maintain safe and peaceful elections. Even though the 127 independent mass organizations are not formed by the government, Matsani highlighted their moral obligation to participate in ensuring that the election continues to run conducively.

In line with the spirit of maintaining security and order in the election process, Matsani invites mass organizations and the general public to work together in creating a positive election atmosphere. This encouragement is not just a formality, but is a concrete step to realize elections that are in accordance with the principles of democracy, honesty and justice.

In welcoming the 2024 General Election, various parties in Indonesia show their commitment to overseeing the process towards an honest and just democratic life. Participation and supervision from various levels of society is the main foundation for a healthy democratic process.

Therefore, let’s together guard and ensure that the 2024 Election is truly an honest, fair and peaceful event, a manifestation of the maturity and wisdom of the Indonesian people.

)* The author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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