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Support the Realization of the IKN Nusantara Smart City


The government is preparing the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago as a new city built with an environmentally friendly and smart city concept . The strategy to present a sustainable forest city was designed through a development plan that pays attention to environmental sustainability and the use of green technology.

This smart city integrates information technology to manage resources optimally, increase the potential of the green environment, support business growth and create jobs. In addition, the smart city concept not only improves the quality of infrastructure, but also creates an ecosystem that combines technology to achieve holistic and inclusive development, making it essential in designing a modern and sustainable capital city.

Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (OIKN), Bambang Susantono, stated that IKN is a capital city with the principle of a livable city that provides various urban components that guarantee a good quality of life, such as healthy water and air, orderly urban planning, good accessibility and good conditions. safe and comfortable urban areas. Apart from that, IKN was also built to have a strong cultural identity, beautiful nature and open public spaces for the expression of its citizens, so it is hoped that this city will be loved by its citizens.

Therefore, the foundation of smart cities has an essential role. Technology-based information systems are the main tool for encouraging the efficiency of city services, resource management and citizen security. The application of technological innovation also ensures the creation of digital inclusion and citizen involvement. By integrating technology into every aspect of urban areas, the lives of IKN residents will become easier, safer and more sustainable, ultimately leading to happy citizens.

OIKN Deputy for Green and Digital Transformation, Prof. Mohammed Ali Berawi, stated that the government is preparing IKN as a new city built with an environmentally friendly and smart city concept. The strategy to present a sustainable forest city is designed through a development plan that takes into account environmental sustainability and the use of green technology.

According to him, the government has prepared an IKN development scheme by utilizing technology supported by hardware or physical infrastructure, data management and operations software, as well as the readiness of Human Resources (HR). It is certain that all technological devices that support the presence of a smart city will be installed in 2024 after the physical infrastructure is completed.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Environment and Natural Resources of the Indonesian Capital City Authority, Myrna Safitri, said that the construction of IKN will make maximum use of clean, carbon-free energy. This new and renewable energy will be applied to IKN operations, including in the field of public transportation.

Efforts to create a sustainable forest city have been made by providing more than half of the entire IKN land area as a protected area, protecting biodiversity, managing waste and adapting agriculture. Apart from that, area planning will also be carried out by rehabilitating previously damaged land and forests, as well as reclaiming ex-mining excavated land.

He added that OIKN has also strengthened the permit moratorium policy in the mining and plantation sectors. Meanwhile, the use of IKN construction materials will certainly prioritize environmentally friendly materials. The IKN Smart City concept has certainly attracted a lot of attention, one of which is Finland which intends to collaborate with Indonesia.

On another occasion, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Basuki Hadimuljono received a visit from the Finnish Minister of Economy Wille Rydman and representatives from 19 companies from Finland at the PUPR Ministry Office, Jakarta. This meeting was to discuss the potential for cooperation with Finnish companies in developing IKN, especially regarding the use of technology and renewable energy, in order to realize IKN’s vision as a smart forest city .

Basuki said, in order to realize a smart forest city , his party is developing a system to operate all infrastructure built at IKN in one command center so that services are integrated and optimal.

This meeting is an integral part of a joint initiative to discuss potential cooperation with Finnish companies, with a focus on the use of technology and renewable energy that supports IKN’s vision as a smart forest city.

Finland’s Minister of Economy, Wille Rydman, said that a total of 50 leading companies from Finland see great potential in IKN development and are interested in collaborating with Indonesia in developing smart cities in IKN.

Finland has the expertise that Indonesia needs in developing this smart city . As a highly digitalized country, Finland is considered to have the expertise and experience that can make a valuable contribution to the smart city development project at IKN.

Therefore, everyone who is part of Team Finland is fully committed and ready to work together as a team with Indonesia in building the IKN Nusantara smart city .

The development of the Indonesian IKN is a big agenda that prioritizes innovative approaches. The main concept is that of a smart city, which not only creates an efficient environment, but also supports sustainability and quality of life. With a smart city, it is hoped that IKN Nusantara will become more advanced and become a modern government center, which can accommodate the wishes of many people.

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