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The Job Creation Law Supports the Development of the Business World


By : Naomi Leah Christine )*

The implementation of the Job Creation Law (UU) is able to support the progress of the business world in Indonesia, and even produce justice, especially for MSME actors so that they are able to continue to increase the level of their business and compete even with large industries.

Until now, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) continues to seek to solicit all input from all elements of society, one of which is by holding a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), which was held by the Task Force (Satgas) for the Copyright Law (UU) Work (Creator).

During this FGD opportunity, there was one thing that became the focus of the discussion, namely related to the existence of a partnership system that would be regulated through the Job Creation Law, which would later enable partnerships between Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and large industries.

So far, the implementation of Law (UU) Number 6 of 2023 concerning the Stipulation of Government Regulations in Lieu of Law (UU) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation has become a Law (UU) which binds and regulates people in the country, especially regarding business and employment in Indonesia.

Regarding efforts to implement the Job Creation Law much more optimally for the community, Secretary of the Job Creation Law Task Force, Arif Budimanta explained that indeed his party has specifically been mandated that indeed the Central Government and Regional Governments (Pemda) have obligations and continue to make efforts to carry out this obligation to continue to provide facilities, support and also stimulate medium and large business activities with cooperative and MSME business activities.

Not without reason, of course there are efforts to stimulate business activities even at these various levels, ranging from large industries to activities in the small business world, as the main goal of the Government of Indonesia is to further increase the competency level of businesses in various fields, especially Micro Business actors. Small and Medium.

There is stimulation so that MSMEs can continue to increase their business level and also continue to be assisted and encouraged so that they are able to establish good partnerships with these large industries, because so far this has been in practice, according to an economist from the University of Indonesia (UI), Nining Soesila Indrayana that precisely Large industries so far have continued to gain access to goods and markets which are much larger than MSME players.

Of course, if this matter, namely regarding access to goods which is completely unfair, continues to be allowed, of course it will also create further disparities between large industrial players and also micro, small and medium business actors and also the welfare of the community will also be threatened.

Knowing that there are facts on the ground, of course the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which also continues to work with various other parties including the Regional Government (Pemda), will not remain silent and strives for equality regarding access to goods that are equally easy to reach by all business actors at every level.

Therefore, it is then considered important to have partnerships or cooperation between large industries and also MSME actors so that all parties can get a balanced portion from each other and there will no longer be extraordinary inequality as before. This strong commitment came from the Government that indeed continues to strive to create justice even in all lines including in the business world, so that in the end a partnership was initiated as regulated in the Job Creation Law.

In fact, it is very clear that the Job Creation Law itself clearly states that one of the tasks that belongs to and must be carried out by the Government of Indonesia is to be able to bridge partnerships between micro, small and medium business actors and large industrial players.

Therefore, in order to realize that there is a partnership, justice can also be realized, namely regarding access to goods where there are no more gaps, the Government of Indonesia immediately made a rule with a regulation regarding the business partnership.

For information, the partnership has also covered various aspects, namely some of which are regarding the transfer of skills in the fields of production and processing, marketing, capital, human resources to technology.

Apart from that, especially when it comes to regulations, namely the Job Creation Law, it means that it is very clear that indeed the main thing being discussed in this matter is efforts to create jobs, which are also important factors of production, technology, flying hours to mentality. entrepreneurship.

The progress of the business world in Indonesia continues to be supported by the implementation of the Job Creation Law which the Indonesian Government continues to strive for by cooperating with the Regional Government (Pemda) so that it can be far more optimal in society, including by continuing to capture the aspirations of all elements of society.

)* The author is a contributor to the Inti Nesia Media Institute

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