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Having experience securing international events, BIN, TNI and  Polri are optimistic that  the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will run smoothly


By : Yurike Adisty )*

Having a wealth of experience in securing many international events held in Indonesia, all levels of security forces from joint personnel consisting of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Indonesian National Army (TNI) to the Indonesian National Police (Polri) have very high optimism. They are all confident that the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States Summit (AIS Summit) Forum will definitely be able to run very smoothly. 

Unmitigated, security forces from joint personnel and various other related stakeholders deployed up to 15,581 personnel to secure the forum for island and archipelagic countries which was held in Bali. 

Regarding this matter, the Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command (Pangkogabwilhan) II, Marshal TNI Andyawan Martono Putra, who was also accompanied by the Kabaharkam Polri, Commissioner General of Police Mohammad Fadil Imran, explained that all security forces had collaborated and coordinated with each other. 

Then, with a troop rally which was also attended by tens of thousands of BIN, TNI and Polri personnel as well as various other stakeholders, the aim was to check the readiness of all personnel and material in carrying out security duties, especially for the Heads of State and also for the delegates participating in the Summit. AIS Forum which will take place from 8 to 13 October 2023.

For your information, the international forum will be attended by various representatives from dozens of island and archipelagic countries, with a target of up to 25 representatives at the level of Head of State or Government and as many as 30 to 47 representatives at ministerial level, which is a challenge in itself for the security forces from the joint personnel of BIN, TNI and Polri. 

Even though it has its own challenges because there are so many parties that have to be guarded and secured, still all the security forces from the joint personnel really believe that with the various successes that the country has managed to host several international events, starting from BIN , TNI and Polri are very ready to secure the 2023 AIS Forum Summit which will be held in Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali on 10 – 11 October 2023.

How could it not be, the optimism possessed by all security forces from the joint personnel is very high to be able to secure various kinds of international standard events held in Indonesia because so far, Indonesia has been able to show even to the world the capacity of this nation to be able to host and carry out security at international scale, large and complex events. 

Therefore, it becomes a matter of confidence for all levels of security forces from joint personnel and the fighting spirit possessed by each individual officer personnel who takes part in the troop roll call activity. 

It is known that specifically for TNI personnel who are members of the Joint Integrated Security Command (Kogabpadpam) VVIP will carry out VVIP Security Operations (PAM) against the President, Vice President (Wapres) and also state guests at the same level as the Head of State or Head of Government in security activities the VVIP. 

For all security forces which consist of joint forces and are participants in the roll call, the troops consist of many parties such as personnel from the Intelligence Task Force (Satgas), Regional Security Task Force (Panwil), VVIP Task Force, Passys Task Force (Special Forces), Satgasla ( Marine Task Force), Task Force (Air Task Force), Airport or Port or Installation Task Force, Medical Task Force, Complex Task Force (Electronic Communications), Pen Task Force (Information), Evacuation Task Force, VIP Task Force and 1 SSK (Company Level Unit) Music Corps (Corsic). 

On that occasion, the main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) for VVIP security was also demonstrated, such as the Jammer vehicle, Chamber Car, Basarnas Ops vehicle, Smart Hunter Satgasud, JForce Passus, Jihandak Paspampres, Baracuda Polri, Animal Paspampres vehicle, Anoa Paspampres tactical vehicle, Air Patrol vehicles, Dump Truck, Becho Louder, Inkas Passus, Baracuda Polri, Nubika Paspampres, Bushmaster Passus, Komob Satgasud Car, Chamber Satgasla Car, Sea Raider Satgasla, Escort Car, Medical Ambulance, Demax Ladder Passus, BPBD Car, Motorbike Electric, Electric Car, Water Cannon, LC Armor Passus, D Max Ladder, and Atav Passus.

Optimism is very high, all levels of security forces from joint personnel consisting of BIN, TNI to Polri believe that the AIS Forum Summit in 2023 in Bali will definitely be smooth and safe. This is because all parties have a wealth of experience in securing international standard events held in Indonesia. 

)* The author is an alumni of Airlangga University

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