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Appreciation of the Synergy of Security Forces in Protecting Residents from KST Papua


By : Dika Samba )*

In this era, maintaining security in Papua is a crucial challenge, especially in facing the actions of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP). The security forces have played a central role in ensuring cohesion and synergy to protect Papuans from potential threats, this is very important to maintain stability and security in the Papua region.

Support continues to be provided to strengthen security forces units in protecting the Papua region and eradicating KSTP. In this case, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo interacted via Vicon with police personnel who are members of the  Cartenz 2023 Peace Operations Task Force.  Sigit greeted and listened directly to the current situation in Papua after the attack by the armed criminal group (KKB).

Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that all Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force personnel should be open in carrying out their operational duties and convey any obstacles or challenges faced while carrying out their duties in the land of Cenderawasih.

Actions carried out by KSTP such as armed attacks, bombings, hostage-taking can threaten the safety of citizens and infrastructure. This also creates social tension between various groups of society which results in conflicts between ethnicities and religions, and creates polarization in society.

In facing dynamic situations, security forces need to develop joint strategies and share information quickly. The formation of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Operation in an integrated manner can increase the response to the KST threat more efficiently. This is a good step to protect the fears of all Papuan people.

Previously, the Head of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Operations, Police Commissioner Faizal Ramadhani, said that the TNI-Polri officers who were members of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Ops Task Force, which consisted of the Nanggala Task Force, the Gakkum Task Force and the Blukar Task Force were joined by personnel from the Yahukimo Police, the Yahukimo 1715 Military District Military Command and the Marine Task Force. Infantry Battalion 7/Lampung has successfully carried out law enforcement operations in Yahukimo.

Close cooperation is the main foundation in overcoming security challenges in the region. Coordinated steps help improve operational effectiveness and minimize gaps for KST action.

The operation has been held since October 30 2023 and has succeeded in occupying 2 KKB headquarters led by Elkius Kobak, namely Kali Ei Headquarters and Kali Brasa Headquarters and a number of pieces of evidence have been confiscated such as 4 units of diesel fuel, 6 units of generator engines, a number of sharp weapons in the form of machetes, arrows, 2 HTs, HT chargers, 2 air rifles and 1 set of KSTP striped clothing from both bases.

Apart from that, there is also evidence in the form of injections and several ampoule bottles as well as a number of medicines which are suspected to have been stolen from health workers at the Amuma Yahukimo Health Center who were persecuted by KKB some time ago.

It is important to know that the Cartenz 2023 Peace Task Force will continue to carry out law enforcement efforts against KST in the vicinity of Dekai Yahukimo City and is tasked with maintaining conduciveness for the smooth running of national development which has been planned by the Government.

The actions of the security forces have produced results, currently it is observed that two areas in Yahukimo Regency and the Bintang Mountains have gradually improved and are conducive, community activities including the economy, health services, education and others are running normally.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit also gave awards in the form of extraordinary promotions to 35 Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force personnel. This is seen by personnel as a form of motivation to continue carrying out their duties even better in the future.

This award was given thanks to the hard work of all personnel in carrying out their duties in Papua. Bearing in mind, the Cartenz Peace Task Force is also tasked with maintaining conduciveness for the smooth running of national development which has been planned by the Government.

Appreciation was shown to the personnel of the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force and the security forces who have been involved in securing the Papua region, not only that, the entire community also appreciated the firm and quick steps taken by the security forces who always protect the Papuan people from the threat of KSTP.

The government hopes that security personnel will maintain unity, maintain solidity and continue to work together so that development programs can run well. 

In protecting Papuans, security forces do not only focus on responding to incidents, but also on long-term prevention efforts. Engagement with communities, a deep understanding of local dynamics, and a holistic approach are key to creating a safe and stable environment.

Head of Information for Kogabwilhan III Colonel Czi GN Suriastawa said Pangkogabwilhan III had ordered firm and measurable action against KSTP in the Bintang Mountains, because so far they had committed crimes of killing Indigenous Papuan civilians (OAP), committing arson, killing Satpol PP, killing Brimob and other crimes.

By maintaining cohesiveness and synergy, security forces can more effectively protect Papuans from KSTP threats. Proactive and coordinated measures create a solid foundation for long-term security in the region.

Diplomatic efforts and preventive approaches also need to be increased. The government has also strengthened development in the Papua region, improved community welfare, and listened to the aspirations of local residents. This can reduce the factors driving support for KST.

Thus, the solidarity and synergy of the security forces in protecting Papuans from KST actions is a strategic step to achieve sustainable security in the region.

)* Papuan Students Live in Jakarta

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