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Optimal Security Apparatus Prevents Security Disturbances Ahead of the 2024 Election


By : Abdul Karim )*

Security forces ranging from the TNI, Polri, to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) continue to be committed to preventing all kinds of disturbances ahead of the 2024 elections. With this early detection and mitigation, it is hoped that the democratic party can run safely and smoothly. 

On November 12 2023, the Blitar Police again confirmed their commitment to security and public order (Kamtibmas) by carrying out routine patrols. The focus of attention this time is focused on the offices of the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu), steps taken as part of preparations for the 2024 General Election.

In its implementation, the patrol team showed high dedication and professionalism by combing a number of strategic points around the KPU and Bawaslu offices, aiming to ensure security at those locations.

This step is not only part of routine patrols, but also as a prevention strategy to be implemented ahead of the 2024 elections. Blitar Police Chief, AKBP Anhar Arlia Rangkuti SIK, through Kasihumas Iptu Udiyono, emphasized that the presence of officers around the KPU and Bawaslu offices is expected to be able to create a sense of security for society.

By avoiding potential security disturbances that could threaten the election process, the police carry out their duties with full responsibility.

Furthermore, Udiyono said that patrols were not only carried out routinely around the KPU and Bawaslu offices, but also involved coordination with related parties to strengthen synergy in maintaining security during the election preparation and implementation period. 

This proactive effort is in line with the Blitar Police’s vision to prevent potential vulnerabilities and secure every stage of the election.

In facing elections, the importance of active community participation cannot be ignored. This was emphasized by Udiyono, who encouraged the public to actively participate by providing information to security officers if they encounter suspicious situations. His role emphasizes that the involvement of all levels of society is a crucial element which is a key factor in success in creating democratic and safe elections.

The routine patrols carried out by the Blitar Police are clear evidence that the police have prepared themselves to face potential security challenges that may arise before and during the 2024 elections. 

Udiyono emphasized the need for cooperation from all parties to maintain the integrity of the election process and create conditions of security and public order that are conducive to the Blitar Police jurisdiction. This shows how vital cooperation between various parties is in achieving these targets.

Previously, BIN itself had held a closed meeting with the DPR on Thursday (9/11). Member of Commission I DPR RI Jazuli Juwaini explained that the DPR and BIN discussed the potential for riots in the 2024 elections. BIN explained the early detection of these potentials. He explained that in the digital era, potential riots in elections could be carried out using just a cell phone. This can be done by assassinating someone’s character or even making fake news.

Meanwhile, the Toba Police are not lagging behind in ensuring security ahead of the 2024 elections. They are actively implementing a cooling system, a step to reduce potential disturbances to social security and order. The approach taken is to visit communities in busy center locations every day, especially in traditional markets and community gathering places.

Head of Public Relations of the Toba Police, AKP Bungaran Samosir, explained that the aim of this cooling system activity is to create a safe and conducive situation ahead of the 2024 General Election. This step also aims to prevent potential disruption to public security and order, including criminal acts such as stealing, stealing and stealing.

In interactions with the public, the message conveyed by the Toba Police is not to be easily provoked by hoax news. The public is expected to provide support for the National Police’s efforts to maintain security and order ahead of the 2024 elections. Apart from that, they are encouraged to reject all forms of false information and SARA-fueled rhetoric that could cause divisions among the brotherhood.

Bungaran emphasized that in the context of the democratic party that has begun, differences in views and political choices among citizens are acceptable. Nevertheless, he warned the public not to turn these differences into a cause of division. 

Instead, Bungaran invited all parties to work together to make the 2024 elections successful while maintaining harmony and unity among residents.

In facing the 2024 elections, both the Blitar Police and Toba Police have shown their commitment and readiness to maintain security and order. Through routine patrols, synergy with related parties, and cooling system activities, both are trying to prevent potential disturbances that could threaten the election process.

The importance of the community’s active role in providing information and maintaining collective security is the main focus. A democratic and safe election requires collaboration from all parties, including community participation in supporting the work of the security forces.

As a final invitation, let us work together to maintain election integrity, stay away from fake news, and maintain unity in diversity. The success of the 2024 elections is not only the responsibility of the security forces, but also the collective responsibility of the entire community. With vigilance and collaboration, we can create elections that run smoothly, are democratic and full of security.

)* The author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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