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Beware of Terror Actions Ahead of New Year, Security Forces Tighten Security


By: Gema Iva Kirana )*

Security forces continue to tighten security in a number of locations that are considered vulnerable and have the potential to become points of terrorist attacks. This effort is in order to continue to increase awareness of acts of terrorism, especially ahead of the upcoming 2024 New Year celebrations.

Moreover, some time ago there was also an arrest of a suspected terrorist in Semen Village, Paron District, Ngawi, which of course made the security forces much more alert. The potential and threat of acts of terrorism of course continues to be a concern in security efforts ahead of the New Year like now.

The Head of the Ngawi Resort Police (Kapolres), AKBP Argowiyono emphasized that his party will continue to improve various strategies and efforts in anticipating acts of terrorism so that they do not occur in the community because of course it will have many negative impacts.

The increase in anticipation of the potential and threat of acts of terrorism takes into account a number of things. Some of this is due to the recent arrests of a number of terrorists in the provinces of East Java (Jatim) and Central Java (Central Java), including the ongoing war situation in Palestine to this day.

With the Israeli attacks which have not yet stopped, it is considered that various terrorism cells that were previously sleeping will be able to revive, even in Indonesia. For this reason, the security forces have a very strong commitment to carrying out prevention, namely by intensifying efforts to sterilize and filter people who enter various crowded areas such as tourist attractions.

Not only the ranks of the security forces from the Indonesian National Police (Polri), but they also collaborate with various other related institutions such as the Indonesian National Army (TNI), the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and other stakeholders. other interests.

However, terrorism is actually not the only focus of security that will continue to be intensified by the security forces. However, there are various other potential security and public order (kamtibmas) disturbances which are also very important to receive more attention.

Various posts have also been prepared in several areas and points to further optimize the security escort process. Several posts have been spread out, such as at stations and terminals, including at various tourist areas and even the city square, which is usually the center of the crowd.

Security carried out by the security forces also continues to prioritize a humanist and dialogical approach. Even so, the security forces will certainly not hesitate to take immediate, very firm action if anyone is deemed to be disrupting security and order in society (kamtibmas).

Apart from that, it is also appealed to the managers of tourist attractions which are clearly predicted to experience an increase in the number of visitors because people are celebrating the end of year holidays. The advice is for tourist attraction managers to use adequate facilities and infrastructure, such as the use of electronic tickets.

The use of electronic tickets is able to anticipate the possibility of long queues which have the potential to disrupt traffic flow. Therefore, the availability of facilities and infrastructure should be provided optimally so as not to cause queues which can actually cause congestion.

Meanwhile, not only in Ngawi Regency, the Banten Regional Police (Polda) are also continuing to be wary of the potential or threat of acts of terrorism ahead of the 2024 New Year celebrations. The vigilance carried out aims to ensure that the New Year celebrations held by the community can be carried out safely and under control, therefore the security forces continue to monitor various radical groups.

Karo Ops Polda Banten, Police Commissioner (Kombes Pol) Dedi Suhartono revealed that his party is carrying out very strict supervision of terror perpetrators who could at any time threaten public security and order during the momentum leading up to the New Year.

In order to carry out strict anticipation of these acts of terror, increased security was carried out in a number of places including shopping centers by intensifying sterilization and detection as well as inherent supervision. Of course, the security forces will continue to strive to provide a sense of security and comfort to the entire community.

Being alert to the possibility of an increase and also the maneuvers carried out by terrorist groups in intensifying acts of terrorism ahead of the upcoming New Year 2024 is a very important thing to do. Therefore, the security forces continue to tighten security in various locations with a humanist and dialogical approach, however, if they encounter acts of violence, they will immediately be dealt with very firmly.

)* The author is a contributor to the Persada Institute

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