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2024 Election Momentum to Strengthen National Unity


By : Arsenio Bagas Pamungkas )*

As the 2024 General Election approaches, student groups who are members of Cipayung Plus are casting their votes, making an important call to build unity and unity in Indonesian society.

General Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IM) DPP, Abd. Musawir Yahya emphasized that the 2024 elections must prioritize the interests of the people, nation and state by prioritizing a platform of national unity.

The importance of national unity in elections is considered a crucial step to reduce political polarization, both during and after the election. Musawir Yahya emphasized that the momentum of the 2024 Election must be used as a stage for a battle of ideas or programs to resolve the various challenges faced by the Indonesian nation, both on a global and national scale.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Central Management of the Indonesian Buddhist Student Association (PP HIKMAHBUDHI), Wiryawan, added another important dimension to the Cipayung Plus agenda. They encourage commitment from presidential candidates, vice presidential candidates and political parties to involve young people as active subjects and not just as political objects.

The focus is on solving problems faced by young people, such as access to education, health, housing costs, employment, adequate income, climate change, and corruption.

Cipayung Plus, as explained by Wiryawan, also carries a commitment to oversee the 2024 elections so that they take place with quality, transparency and democracy. They are committed to maintaining peace, honesty, and always prioritizing the interests of the people, nation and state. Efforts are also being made to maintain the neutrality of the TNI-Polri and other state apparatus, in order to ensure political stability in the momentum of the 2024 elections.

The presence of student figures such as the General Chairperson of PB PMII M. Abdullah Syukri, General Chairperson of PP KAMMI Zaky Ahmad Rivai, General Chairperson of PP GMKI Jefry Gultom, Chair of the Presidium of PP PMKRI Tri Natalia Urada, and General Chair of PP KMHDI I Wayan Darmawan in the Cipayung Plus activity further strengthened the call to work together to build unity and integrity in preparation for the 2024 Election

. In celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year, Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin also emphasized the message of harmony, peace and unity. Christmas is seen as a moment to implement the teachings of mutual love between humans, which is in line with the spirit of a more harmonious, empathetic life and creates a positive social environment.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin celebrated Christmas with Christians and invited all Indonesian people to welcome the New Year 2024 by maintaining harmony, peace and unity. In his view, Christmas teaches the values ​​of love, peace and hope, and he encourages Christians to continue to spread the spirit of sharing and compassion.

In the context of the 2024 Election, the Vice President reminded the importance of using the right to vote wisely and staying away from conflict and division. By focusing on the interests of the nation, the Vice President invited the Indonesian people to help maintain national unity, especially in facing the challenges of the upcoming elections.

In closing, Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin expressed his hope to welcome the New Year with enthusiasm, joy and optimism for Indonesia’s increasingly advanced and prosperous future. Congratulations on celebrating Christmas and New Year are conveyed with the hope that the true meaning of Christmas will not be lost and are always accompanied by prayers for peace among people throughout the world.

With this series of positive invitations and messages, both from students through Cipayung Plus and from the Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin, it can be seen that there is enthusiasm to build unity, harmony and peace as a strong foundation towards the 2024 Election and a better future for Indonesia.

The invitation to use voting rights wisely, stay away from conflict, and continue to build unity is the main foundation in welcoming the political and social journey of the Indonesian nation.

In developing this idea further, it is necessary to understand that the voice of students from Cipayung Plus is not just a call. They are an integral part of the social and political dynamics that shape national identity. The 2024 election, as a democratic party, will be a stage for the expression of these aspirations.

Cipayung Plus clearly reminded that unity and unity must be the main foundation in the implementation of elections. This reflects the desire to create a healthy political environment, where differences of opinion are respected and addressed wisely.

Students as agents of change have a very important role in directing the flow of democracy in a more positive direction.

The neutrality of the TNI-Polri and other state apparatus is a critical point in the Cipayung Plus statement. They urged security and law enforcement institutions to remain neutral, without interfering in the political process. This is a proactive step to maintain political stability during the election period, avoiding polarization that has the potential to harm the nation.

The Vice President invited all Indonesian people, regardless of religious background, to welcome the New Year by maintaining harmony and unity. This message creates continuity between student voices and state leaders, underscoring the importance of unity across various levels of society.

Unity and integrity are not just slogans, but are a spirit that permeates every level of society. By respecting differences, building dialogue, and maintaining human values, Indonesia can move towards a better future. The 2024 election is not only a democratic celebration, but also a momentum to build a solid foundation for national unity.

)* The author is a contributor to the Persada Institute

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