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Community Leaders Appreciate the Conducive Situation in North Morowali After the PT GNI Incident


North Morowali- Rais Syuriah The Nahdlatul Ulama Branch Manager (PCNU) of North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi Faisal Daeng Siame , appealed to the people of North Morowali Regency to carry out normal activities. He also asked PT GNI employees to maintain security and order so that the investment climate could continue as it should.

“I appreciate the TNI/Polri security forces and also the government for controlling the situation so that it is safe and conducive,” said Ustadz Faisal, Saturday (21/1/2023).

On the same occasion, he asked PT GNI to always stay within the legal corridors of the rules and regulations that apply in Indonesia.

“Especially the Labor Law which covers the implementation of occupational health and safety,” he said.

Faisal said that this was done as an effort to prevent clashes between PT GNI workers from happening again in the future. Do not forget, he reminded that various parties always maintain conduciveness anywhere and anytime .

“May Allah, God Almighty, always protect us all, especially the area we love, North Morowali,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, HOD Public PT Gunbuster Relations Nickel Industry (GNI) Jiang Chao accompanied by PT Stardust Estate Investment (SEI) Site Coordinator Mirza disbursed assistance in the form of food to an orphanage located in Kolonodale City , Petasia District, North Morowali Regency, Friday (20/1/2023).

The assistance was disbursed respectively to the Alesintowe Orphanage and the Raudhatul Fitrah Child Welfare Institution (LKSA) as part of PT GNI’s commitment to helping the sons and daughters of the area.

The details of the assistance were 320 egg racks, 160 sacks of rice, 160 cartons of milk, 160 bottles of coconut oil, 160 cartons of snacks and 160 packages of raw crackers which were distributed to the two orphanages. In detail , the Alesintowe Orphanage received 60 packages and LKSA Raudhatul Fitrah received 100 packages.

“Through this assistance, we hope it will be useful for all the children who are in this orphanage,” said HOD Public PT GNI Relations , Jiang Chao .

On the same occasion, Jiang Chao stated that his party was openly committed to helping the surrounding community.

PT GNI’s commitment is inseparable from the approximately 4,500 employees of PT GNI who are sons and daughters of the North Morowali Regency.

Therefore, in the future PT GNI will expand its cooperation by recruiting and prioritizing prospective employees from the surrounding area.

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