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Familiarity of TKA and TKI PT GNI is back in harmony , everything Activity Running Normal


By : Andi Aziz )*

Familiarity happened _ among workers , either _ the TKA and TKI at PT GNI returned intertwined in a manner harmonious . Even all activity in the company return conducted as normally and looks very conducive , incl exists celebrated Chinese New Year’s Day with full like goal until exists gift help in a manner social to House upbringing .

Although time happen the clashes that occurred among workers and resulted in two deaths at PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (PT GNI), North Morowali , but now situation and condition in the area _ company the return Becomes conducive .

Reportedly that all the above sacrifices incident unrest on Saturday , January 14 , 2023 evening then too _ handled and returned to their respective families for buried with worthy by the parties company . No only that , but PT GNI itself has also back operate normally and throughout activity of the workers , both consisting _ from Labor _ Foreigners (TKA) and Indonesian Workers (TKI) have return harmonious post clash the .

Whole conducive conditions _ of course same very no can denied blessing work hard work by the authorities security consisting _ from personnel combined The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police ( Polri ) are continuing give maintenance and security on site PT GNI area .

With step sprightly , sis the police have too set 17 suspects _ on case the clash it causes happening riots and resulting destruction _ material loss up to cause casualties _ it . Related with situation the latest which has been very conducive at PT GNI, all society and workers both TKA and TKI continue urged for no easy provoked with all possible issue _ still circulating on social media , when news the still not yet clear the truth .

one _ religious figure as well is figure community in the District North Morowali , Sukriadi invite to whole society and also the workers to stay away more be careful in accept all shape and type information or circulating news . _ When reporting the still characteristic intersection siur will truth and truth potentially for raises wrong perception , himself _ appealed so no live swallow so just .

Returned situations and conditions _ conducive as well as harmonious even photographed when PT GNI and PT Stardust Estate Investmen (SEI) held 2574 Chinese New Year celebration or year 2023 AD , which is located behind the PT GNI PLTU, North Morowali on Saturday 21 January 2023 yesterday .

the event starting at 15:00 WITA and also colored with series very impressive contest how exists compactness as well as work very good and harmonious _ among workers . _ About Thing said , HOD Public Relations of PT GNI, Mr. Jiang stated that naturally activities carried out that is as exists concrete from there is a sense of brotherhood , togetherness as well as gratitude from party company and workers , both either TKA or TKI. There is activity According to him , the Chinese New Year celebration conducted for Keep going guard harmony and also so whole family at the company PT GNI can each other strengthen .

On the same occasion , Police Chief North Morowali , AKBP Imam Wijayanto say that Chinese New Year 2574 celebration so that it becomes a momentum for Keep going guard harmony , mainly is the harmony that exists between workers _ both TKA and TKI.

AKBP Imam Wijayanto expressing such gratitude _ _ tall when look how series scara Chinese New Year 2574 celebration walk with smoothly . Himself confess though whole packed series of events with simple , however permanent can bring happiness to whole party employees who attended . He also hopes hopefully with the event , really capable awaken passion and solidarity between employees at PT GNI .

No only that , but PT GNI itself has also organize activity another , namely on the day Last Friday January 20 , 2023 , whichever is available assistance launched by the parties company form gift food to House care in Kolonodale City , District Petasia , Regency North Morowali .

Mr. Jiang Chao as HOD Public Relations at PT GNI said that through assistance provided _ to House care that himself hope spa can could beneficial for children everyone in the orphanage _ upbringing . Not get there, however the company is also committed will Keep going give help to House care if of course they need it .

Of course whole activities in the company PT GNI already walk normally and monitored very favorable conditions . Even the familiarity _ among workers , either _ both TKA and TKI have intertwined very harmoniously _ in a manner social and religious . They seen full like passion and cohesiveness in celebrate Chinese New Year.

)* Writer is observer Social

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