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DOB Accelerates HR Improvement in Papua


The existence of 4 new autonomous regions in Papua will increase human resources (HR) in Papua. Firstly, human resources in the sports sector because the athletes can compete in the upcoming PON 2024, and they can leave without going through an initial selection. Then, people’s human resources also develop because they have higher education.

Regional expansion, aka the addition of new autonomous regions, has been realized in Papua. For an area as large as Papua, it is indeed lacking if there are only 2 provinces. When there are 6 provinces, regulation will be easier and benefit the people of Bumi Cendrawasih.

The main aim of adding new autonomous regions is to benefit the Papuan people, one of which is improving the quality of human resources. Human resources in Papua are increasingly developing and Papuan people who work as sportsmen also benefit.

The General Chairperson of KONI Papua Province, Kenius Kogoya, said that based on instructions from the Central KONI (Indonesian National Sports Committee), athletes who will appear in the XXI Aceh-North Sumatra PON, especially for DOB provinces, are limited by quotas without having to go through the PON pre-qualification round because they get a wild card. The quota is 30 people.

Kenius Kogoya continued, the athletes have the status of belonging to Papua but have joined sports in the DOB province, so the Central KONI gave a decision to KONI Papua to discuss with the DOB province. It is hoped that there will be administrative order so that their status is clearer.

In other words, when there is a new province, they are welcome to take part in PON (National Sports Week). The 2024 PON will be held in the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. The human resources of athletes representing the 4 new autonomous regions (South West Papua Province, Central Papua, South Papua and Mountain Papua) will be better because they have transferred athletes from the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Increasing human resources is very important because athletes are also a fairly prestigious profession. In 2020, Papua hosted the PON. In 2024 athletes from 6 new autonomous regions of Papua will become participants. With the DOB, their quality will be further improved due to mutations, so there is no need to look for new athletes to train (because it takes a long time to prepare for PON).

Meanwhile, there is also an increase in human resources among the Papuan people due to easy access to education. Politician Sofyan Tan said that he supports 4 new autonomous regions in Papua. According to him, regional expansion could trigger development in Papua. In the future, many community services will be provided, such as building universities, academies and other educational institutions.

Before the addition of DOB, many children were forced to drop out of school because they had to work to support their family’s economy. The conservative view in Papua, which views education as unimportant and the reluctance to work, has caused many Papuans to leave urban areas.

However, when there are 4 new autonomous regions, schools and universities will be built in Papua. In this way, Papuan sons can continue their education and their quality of life will improve.

With the addition of new autonomous regions, it will be very beneficial for the Papuan people. They can study, not only at Cendrawasih University. But also at other campuses that will be built in Papua. They no longer have to migrate to Java or other islands to pursue higher education.

To make things easier for the Papuan people, the central government provides special autonomy scholarship funds. With this money, pupils and students can study in peace because tuition fees are covered. They can focus on completing their studies without worrying about the costs. Then, the Special Autonomy scholarship can also be used at campuses outside Papua, even abroad.

When Papuan people pursue higher education (up to university level) the quality of human resources will improve. The reason is because they take longer to carry out the learning process, so they are smarter and more agile. The Papuan people are enthusiastic about going to school because they believe that this way their future will be better.

With a bachelor’s degree, Papuan people can apply for jobs at mining companies or other companies, or take exams for prospective civil servants. They will have a steady income and support their families properly. His standard of living is also getting better.

Therefore, the Papuan people agree with the existence of 4 new autonomous regions because it has been proven to improve the quality of human resources by making it easier for them to go to school and college. The existence of 4 new autonomous regions has a long-term effect because education is a long investment, but it has a positive impact because their lives are better.

The existence of 4 new autonomous regions is very beneficial for the Papuan people because human resources have increased. They can choose to become athletes and make Papua proud in PON and other sports competitions. Then, with new provinces there are new schools and campuses, so that their human resources become better and the people become smarter.

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