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The public should be aware of the issue of intolerance ahead of the election


Ahead of the 2024 elections, the public must be aware of the issue of intolerance. Every five years (before the election) there is always an increase in the issue of intolerance which is disturbing because it can cause the failure of peaceful elections. Therefore, the Indonesian people are asked to unite and not want to be influenced by misleading issues such as intolerance.

In a few months the 2024 election will be held. The public is encouraged to participate in this program in an orderly manner and vote. The 2024 election is very exciting because they are curious about who will be the new president of Indonesia? 2024 is a political year and ahead of the election the atmosphere is expected to be conducive.

Conduciveness ahead of the election must be maintained because from the experience of the 2019 election, the issue of tolerance spread more quickly, especially during the campaign period. The public is advised to be aware of this issue because it could disrupt peaceful elections.

Initiator of the National Conscience Movement (GNK) Habib Syakur Ali Mahdi Alhamid asked the Indonesian people to be alert. Especially regarding the potential for extremism, radicalism and intolerance. Radical groups always make efforts to pit themselves against each other ahead of the 2024 elections. National figures and political figures must detect attempts at division.

Habib Syakur continued, what the public must be wary of is the ability of radical groups to develop their language to damage the nation’s children. Conveying a narrative that only contains hatred to divide people. In other words, ahead of the election, the issue of intolerance and radicalism continues to increase and all Indonesian people must be aware of it.

An example of a case of intolerance is when there is a perception that certain ethnic groups are hostile because they have a lot of money, which triggers social jealousy. A narrative of intolerance emerged that denied their existence. Even though these ethnicities have the status of Indonesian citizens (WNI) even though their physical characteristics are different. They also have high nationalism and are proud to be Indonesian citizens.

When there is intolerance it is certainly sad because the majority bullies the minorities. In fact, that is a big mistake because everyone should respect each other, not attack minorities and act intolerance, as if they were the most righteous.

Intolerance is very dangerous because it could potentially derail the 2024 elections. When the issue of intolerance spreads, people will be hostile to each other on the grounds that other parties have different ethnicities or beliefs. As a result, there will be riots that can spread throughout the city and make the election chaotic because of the lack of security factors.

Then, people who were influenced by the issue of intolerance became reluctant to take part in the elections because they thought that there were no presidential candidates who had the same ethnicity. When the number of abstentions increases, it could undermine democracy in Indonesia.

Therefore, society must fight against intolerance so that the 2024 elections will take place peacefully and smoothly. To overcome intolerance, the first way is through education. Children should be taught from a young age about tolerance and how to remain tolerant towards other people. They must understand that differences are normal in society, so they must not impose their opinions.

The second way is to be careful on social media and don’t easily believe content. Social media is deliberately used by radical groups, as a place to ‘campaign’, both regarding radicalism and intolerance. They understand that Indonesian netizens like to open social media every day. When you open the internet, your brain is relaxed so it is easily influenced.

When people open social media and find radical and intolerant content, they can immediately report it to the cyber police. Later this case will be investigated and the perpetrators of spreading the content found. The content and social media accounts will be deleted so that they are no longer disturbing.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Batang Regency Political and National Unity Agency (Kesabangpol) Agung Wisnu Barata in Batang, said that his party continues to make efforts to prevent radical ideas that can divide national unity and unity.

Agung added that intolerance is exclusive, feels right, and is not ready to face differences. Therefore, his party invites residents to be alert to the increasing number of calls for radicalism ahead of the 2024 elections.

The public is obliged to be wary of radicalism and intolerance because it is dangerous for peace in Indonesia. Intolerance also threatens the success of the 2024 elections. Since pre-independence times, even during the kingdom era, Indonesia has consisted of various tribes and backgrounds.

Differences in Indonesia are not disputed, but are instead exaggerated by radical groups. They must be crushed because they cannot accept differences, even though the Indonesian people have had Bhinneka Tunggal Ika for a long time.

Therefore, people need to learn from history and not be influenced by radical and intolerant content. Indonesia is a pluralistic and democratic country. Intolerant issues must be eliminated because they will destroy unity and threaten the 2024 elections.

Ahead of the 2024 election, security will be increasingly tightened, especially when there is a threat of radicalism and intolerance. The public should be wary of this because intolerant content is increasing on social media. Intolerance must be eliminated so that the 2024 elections can run without obstacles and there are no divisions in society.

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