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KPK Committed to Take Firm Action on Corruption Case of Lukas Enembe


By: Gibran Naufal Aziz )*

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigative team is still conducting witness examinations in the alleged bribery and gratuity case that ensnared the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe as a suspect. The KPK summoned lawyers Lukas Enembe, Aloysius Renwarin and Stefanus Roy Rening to be examined as witnesses for the alleged bribery and gratuities that ensnared their client.

The KPK previously summoned Aloysius and Roy to meet with investigators on Thursday, 17 November 2022 at the Merah Putih Building, Jakarta. However, they did not fulfill the call. The KPK then rescheduled the examination of the two lawyers for the following week, namely on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

Previously, Aloysius and Roy sent a letter requesting clarification to the KPK asking investigators for an explanation regarding the purpose of the examination. Not only that, the two lawyers for Luke also asked for protection from the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi). Some time later, Aloysius asked the Corruption Eradication Commission to carry out an investigation in his homeland, in Jayapura, Papua. He admitted that he had contacted the KPK’s Director of Investigation, Asep Guntur Rahayu, via telephone and through  the WhatsApp chat  application  . Aloysius claims his request was approved.

Responding to this, the KPK, through the Head of the KPK News Section, Ali Fikri, denied having agreed to Aloysius’ request to conduct an investigation in Jayapura. Ali asked Lukas’ lawyers to cooperate in responding to the investigator’s summons. He reminded them to provide explanations during the examination instead of building opinions in the public sphere.

Ali said that his party understood the duties, principals and functions of Aloysius Renwarin as legal adviser to Lukas Enembe. However, according to Ali, Aloysius, who is an advocate, should be able to set a good example in the law enforcement process. Ali even emphasized that Aloysius’ summons was not without a clear reason. Ali ensured that when the KPK summoned the witnesses, he had pocketed data relating to the witness and the case being investigated.

The KPK gave an ultimatum to the two of them to attend the examination by the KPK investigators team regarding the case of their client, Lukas Enembe. According to Ali, the KPK investigation team summoned Lukas’ team of lawyers in their capacity as Indonesian citizens, not as an advocate. Ali emphasized that every citizen has the obligation to attend law enforcement summons.

Previously. The KPK summoned Lukas twice, namely on September 6 as a witness and September 26 as a suspect. However, Lukas did not fulfill the summons by reason of illness. The examination of Lukas at his residence in Jayapura City, Papua, on Thursday 3 September 2022 was tough. Meanwhile, the situation in Jayapura heated up after Lukas was named a suspect. This is why the KPK finally sent a team of investigators and a medical team accompanied by the chairman of the KPK, Firli Bahuri in early November. They were accompanied by local security forces.

Ali Fikri also said that the investigation team carried out a search through examining 10 witnesses at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta in relation to the implementation of work projects at the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov). Those being investigated are  the owner of  PT Tabi Bangun Papua, Bonny Pirono; PT Tabi Bangun Papua Treasurer, Meike; PT Tabi Bangun Papua employee, Willicius; Entrop Hamadi, Okto Prasetyo and Gangsar Cahyono Project Worker Group (Pokja). Furthermore, namely the Hamadi Entrop Project Working Group on behalf of Arni Paririe, Paskalina, and Yenni Pigome; Director of PT Papua Sinar Anugerah, Sumantri; as well as the Head of the Public Works and Spatial Planning Service (Kadis PUPR), Girius One Yoman.

In addition, Ali added that the KPK also examined a private witness named Mustakim at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. From Mustakim, the KPK investigated the purchase of a number of assets by Lukas Enembe. This prompted the KPK investigators team to begin tracing the assets belonging to Lukas, the main of which were assets purchased from the proceeds of alleged bribes and gratuities related to infrastructure projects in Papua.

Ali explained that apart from investigating Lukas Enembe’s assets, investigators are currently also investigating various projects within the Papua Provincial Government. Allegedly, there are not a few projects from the Provincial Government of Papua that are being bankrolled by a number of parties. Investigators investigated various projects carried out by the Papua Provincial Government through the 10 witnesses. The witnesses allegedly knew about various Papua Provincial Government projects.

In this case, the KPK has named the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe and several other parties as suspects. As for the construction of the case, the parties named as suspects, as well as articles suspected of being published when forced efforts are made, both the arrest and detention of the suspects.

In line with this, the KPK already has an inspection report (BAP) from the examination as one of the formal requirements in handling a case. The KPK has also confiscated various pieces of evidence in the investigation of the case. Finally, the KPK seized documents related to the case, electronic evidence, financial records, cash in rupiah and gold bars from searches of two locations in Jakarta, namely Lukas Enembe’s house and an apartment.

The KPK has received full support from various groups of people in Papua, especially local traditional leaders, to eradicate corruption in Papua, including the Lukas Enembe corruption case. Indigenous leader (Ondoafi) from Tanah Tabi in Papua, Yanto Eluay emphasized that the indigenous people of Papua support the Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) in thoroughly investigating the alleged corruption case against Governor Lukas Enembe.

According to Yanto Eluay, this support is to reveal the misuse of Papua’s Special Autonomy (Otsus) funds by Papuan officials. Apart from supporting the KPK, Yanto also hopes that the central government will pay attention to public services, which are currently hampered due to Governor Lukas Enembe’s illness.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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