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Papuan Community Figures Condemn KST Papua’s Abominable Actions, Rulche Wally: KSTP’s Actions Have Crossed the Limit!


Jayapura – Frequent acts of terror carried out by the Papuan Separatist Terrorism Group (KST Papua) in various regions in Papua have been criticized by many parties. In its attacks, KST Papua often tortures, abuses and even kills civilians. KSTP often releases propaganda narratives, one of which slanders the TNI-Polri troops.

Papua is a land of peace where people live side by side in peace and security. It is known that KST Papua has taken away that sense of security. The Papuan KST perpetrators have undermined the Land of Papua with actions that have disrupted the security situation there. That’s why the government must be firm in eradicating KST Papua in order to create a sense of security in Papua.

Papuan community figure, Rulche Wally, strongly criticized the actions or actions carried out by this group. He said that KST Papua needed to be eradicated because it was only an obstacle for the Government in advancing Papua.

“I strongly disagree and do not accept what KST Papua often does, which is that these heinous acts have gone beyond the limits of normalcy,” said Papuan Community Leader, Rulche Wally when met in Jayapura Papua, Tuesday 20/02/2024.

Rulche Wally added that KST Papua’s atrocities cannot be tolerated. Security forces need to take firm action regarding the actions that KST Papua has carried out against civilians.

“I appeal to the security forces to take firm action against the actions carried out by KST Papua against OAP and non-OAP,” he added.

Furthermore, Papuan Community Leader, Rulche Wally hopes that Papua can be more advanced and able to compete with other provinces in Indonesia without the existence of KST Papua.

“My hope is that in the future Papua can be more advanced and able to compete with the provinces in this country in the absence of the presence of KST Papua which is a threat to development in Papua,” he concluded.

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