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Papuan Community Figure Rulche Wally: Papuan KST Violence Deviates from Humanity


Papua – Papuan community figure Rulche Wally said his concern regarding the escalation of violence carried out by the Separatist Group (KST) in the Land of Papua is the main focus. Rulche Wally emphasized that the actions carried out by KST Papua had exceeded normal limits and could no longer be tolerated.

“I firmly disagree and do not accept the actions often carried out by KST Papua. “Their actions have harmed and threatened the security of Papuans, both native Papuans (OAP) and non-OAP,” said Wally while in Jayapura Papua, Tuesday 20/2/2024.

Rulche Wally also asked the security forces to take firm action against KST Papua. “Protection of the rights of civilians must be a top priority,” he added, with the hope that security can soon be restored in Papua.

“I emphasize the importance of security forces acting indiscriminately against anyone involved in acts of violence. Protection of civil rights is very important, because without adequate security, development efforts and progress in Papua will be difficult to achieve.

Rulche hopes that the firm actions of the security forces will have a positive impact in restoring the security situation in Papua, so that people can live without fear and can focus on the development and progress of their region.

Apart from that, Rulche Wally expressed his aspirations for Papua to achieve progress and compete with other provinces in the country. “I want Papua to be more advanced in the future, but this can only be realized if security and stability are guaranteed,” he said.

“It should be noted that the Papuan people not only hope to live in peace, but also have the same rights to progress and prosperity as other provinces in Indonesia. Therefore, the need for firm action from security forces and the government in handling this situation is very important. “This will help build public trust in legal institutions and provide encouragement to report and take action against criminals,” explained Rulche Wally.

“I hope that all parties, including the government, security forces and the wider community, can work together to resolve the problem of violence that is occurring in Papua,” he added.

As a Papuan citizen, I would like to express my gratitude for the attention and support of all Indonesian people in dealing with this problem. May God bless and bring peace to all Papuans and Indonesians. “With cooperation and mutual concern, we can achieve a better future for Papua,” concluded Community Leader Rulche Wally

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