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The Security Forces’ Firm Action Against KST Papua Deserves Appreciation


By : Salomon Kadepa )*

The cruel actions of the Separatist Terrorist Group are back in action in the illegal gold mining area in Kali Ei. The security forces are trying not to remain silent in handling the KST Papua action. The security forces who are members of the joint TNI Team continue to move and act decisively to carry out regional security and continue to strive to eradicate Papuan KST members. This is a special concern and the security forces should be appreciated

A total of 30 Papuan KST members attacked an illegal gold mining area which resulted in seven people dying and eleven people being injured. The seven victims who died were residents who worked as gold panners. It was observed that the KST Papua action was led by Asbak Koranue, part of the Egianus Kogoya group.

Not only killing Papuan people, KST Papua also burned 3 excavators, 2 trucks and the Pandulangan Camp. Residents are increasingly anxious and have great fear about the Papuan KST’s actions which might happen again.

Kapuspen TNI Admiral TNI Julius Widjojono stated that, after the massacre by KST, joint personnel led by Major HR, both from elements of the TNI and Polri ranks immediately left for the Kali Ei area. The team moved quickly to confirm the whereabouts of the people who escaped from the KST Papua massacre.

The entire joint team from the TNI and Polri is currently pursuing the perpetrators of the shooting. The security forces are very optimistic that they will definitely be successful in apprehending the perpetrators and will be able to process the perpetrators in accordance with the rules of law in Indonesia.

With maximum security and firm and measurable action from the security forces, it is hoped that conditions will be conducive and safe in the Yakuhimo area from all threats of crime and terror which continue to be intensified by KST Papua.

It was observed that approximately 20 KST Papuans carried out this heinous act carrying 5 weapons consisting of 2 organic weapons of the Sniper and SS1 types as well as 3 homemade weapons. When the security forces carried out the search, KST Papua members moved away towards the heights.

The TNI will always help the community and continue to create a sense of security in the Papua region for the safety and peace of the Papuan people. The security forces continue to take steps and do not remain silent, as KST Papua’s actions have not stopped disrupting the security and stability of the region and thus affecting the welfare of the Papuan people.

Deputy Chairman of Commission III DPR RI Ahmad Sahroni assessed that the series of actions carried out by KST in Papua could no longer be tolerated. According to him, security forces must immediately take firm action.

It is feared that attacks will repeat themselves and cause more victims, if KST does not act immediately. The TNI-Polri were asked to immediately eradicate this group from Papua because apart from causing more victims, if it is not eradicated immediately, it will reduce the authority of state sovereignty.

The Head of the TNI Penuspen explained that currently TNI-Polri officers are still pursuing the perpetrators of the heinous massacre by the KST group led by Asbak Koraneu to hold them accountable for their actions legally.

Apart from that, he said, the TNI will always help the community and continue to create a sense of security in the Papua region. As a result of the search carried out, the Joint TNI-Polri Team succeeded in evacuating 21 frightened residents who managed to escape during the massacre by KST Papua on October 16 2023.

The action carried out by KST Papua in the Kali Ei area received criticism from Indigenous Papuans (OAP), the chairman of the Regional Headquarters of Laskar Merah Putih Papua, Jan Christian Arebo, said that this action was not justified, it was so barbaric that it had to be dealt with firmly by law enforcement and secured. by TNI Polri security forces.

It is hoped that the Papuan people will not be provoked by what KST Papua has done so far. They (KST) are liars, because their struggle to date has had no results and has only been a waste of time and energy.

Meanwhile, Papuan Traditional Leader, Herman Albert Yoku, said that his party condemned KST Papua’s actions in a number of Papua regions recently. KST Papua has committed many serious human rights violations by killing civilians under the pretext of fighting for Papuan independence, even though not all Papuans want independence. Herman added that only a small number of people with personal interests use the symbol of Free Papua as a tool to fight the government.

Security forces continue to be deployed in the context of the mission to eradicate KST as well as hunt down their members, in order to save the people of Papua and the Indonesian nation. Papuan KST members will be dealt with in a firm, measured manner so as not to endanger Papuan people and not repeat their mistakes. KST Papua must understand that Papuan independence will never happen because of international and national law. Papua is part of Indonesia.

)* The author is a student from Papua

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