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Papuan Customary Leader Appreciates RKUHP Has Recognized Customary Law


Jayapura, CIDISS.CO – Papuan Customary Chief Weynand Watory said the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP) which is currently being socialized by the government by accommodating customary law is a policy that should be appreciated by all. Customary law which has not been included in the RKUHP is now getting legal recognition and certainty, making it even stronger.

This was conveyed by the Papuan traditional leader Weynand Watory during an online dialogue on Matoa TV Monday 12/9/2022.

Papuan Customary Chief Weynand Watory considered it very important to include customary laws that are still alive and still valid in the community into the RKUHP. Especially in Papua, there is the provision of Special Autonomy which actually focuses on the enforcement of customary laws.

In drafting the RKUHP, it is obligatory to pay attention to specific areas, but also to areas where local customary law is still quite strong, said Weynand Watory.

With the inclusion of customary law and the RKUHP, it can be in line with the Special Autonomy Law in force in Papua, which states that the state also recognizes customary justice, said a member of the Papua Strategic Analysis.

In the RKUHP, customary law must get a large enough portion so that it can work later. It is also important that a number of regions that have specialties need to get space so that customary law can legally be included in the law in force in Indonesia, concluded the Papuan Customary Chief.

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