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Appreciation of  Security Forces’ Readiness  to Prevent Radicalism Ahead of the 2024 Election


By: SA Pamungkas )*

To prevent criminal acts of terrorism and radicalism ahead of the 2024 elections, the security forces are ready to deal with these various threats. TNI – Polri continue to support efforts to overcome radicalism in society, as President Jokowi requested that TNI – Polri work together to create peaceful conditions in the country ahead of the 2024 elections.

Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-Terror Police, Bangka Belitung Islands Regional Task Force, held a National Dialogue on Radical Threats and Terrorism in National and State Life. The national dialogue carries the theme ‘The Threat of Radical Terrorism in National and State Life’ 

President Director of PT Timah Tbk Ahmad Dani Virsal said that his party appreciated the National Dialogue initiated by Densus 88 Anti-Terror POLRI. This is important as part of fostering awareness of national defense, considering that fostering awareness of national defense is the responsibility of all components of the nation.

Ahmad said that currently the challenges facing the Indonesian people are increasingly difficult and diverse. Historically, threats to the Republic of Indonesia are not just armed physical war. In the future,  Proxy War  will increasingly become a threat, where war occurs through various aspects of national and state life. Both through politics, economics, social, culture and other fields.

Densus 88, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, carrying out this national dialogue opens up opportunities for collaboration with a number of parties to jointly create safe and peaceful conditions, especially ahead of the elections. Ahmad said that this national dialogue aims to remind all parties that currently Indonesia is being attacked from various sides, so courage is needed to be able to face the challenges and threats that come to anticipate the division of the nation. 

For this reason, society must collaborate and be aware of the various potentials of parties who want to divide the nation. The opposition continues to try to divide the nation so that they can utilize existing resources for their welfare, not for the welfare of the nation.

Meanwhile, Kasatgaswil Densus 88 Anti-Terror Police for Kep Province. Bangka Belitung, AKBP Maslikan appreciated PT Timah Tbk for collaborating with them to hold a National Dialogue whose theme was very relevant to current conditions. This activity is related to efforts to ward off radical terrorism because the potential threat ahead of the political year is so strong. 

Even though so far Babel is still relatively safe, it is still necessary to take anticipatory steps to strengthen individual awareness regarding the dangers of radicalism. Head of Public Relations of the West Sumatra Regional Police, Kombepsol Dwi Sulistyawan, S.Ik reminded the community in the local area not to be influenced by radicalism, terrorism and intolerance. because the impact could threaten the unity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

Dwi said that if anyone in the community knows about these things, they should inform the police or other law enforcement officials. Because, understanding that leads to radicalism can cause division and conflict in society. Dwi also asked the public to help make the 2024 elections a success, by ensuring that security and social order remains conducive.

On the other hand, the Indonesian Army is deploying soldiers to be aware of the development of radicalism or terrorism in society. The role of intelligence is strengthened to gather information that will be coordinated with the police. As a state tool in the field of defense, the TNI has the main task of upholding state sovereignty, defending the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, as well as protecting the entire nation and all of Indonesia’s blood from threats and disturbances to the integrity of the nation and state, one of which is preventing radicalism. . 

Radicalism that develops in society is a form of threat because this movement is the forerunner to the growth of acts of terrorism which have the potential to undermine the fabric of national and state life, so that the TNI is faced with the task of playing an active role in overcoming acts of terrorism and preventing the spread of radical ideas. Thus, it is necessary to involve the TNI in preventing the development of radicalism in Indonesia, considering that the democratic party is getting closer.

Rindam II/Swj Commander, Colonel Inf Didik Purwanto reminded and emphasized the importance of the TNI’s duties in the lead up to the upcoming 2024 Election so that it becomes a concern for every TNI AD soldier. Apart from that, soldiers are reminded that every task is guided and carried out according to the Commander’s instructions. As one of the main pillars in national defense, the TNI has a big responsibility in ensuring that the 2024 Election stages can run peacefully.

TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono gave a message to soldiers ahead of the 2024 General Election, to maintain solidity and cohesiveness in facing various task challenges, increase transparency and accountability internally and externally. Apart from that, professionalism and synergy need to be implemented optimally together with the National Police and other components of the nation. Of course, the commitment and consistency of the TNI – Polri in eradicating radicalism cannot be doubted. The seriousness of realizing an Indonesia that is safe, peaceful and full of tolerance should also be fully supported by all the Indonesian people so that national security stability is maintained.

)* The author is from the editorial team of Saptalika Jr. Media

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