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Maintain Unity and Avoid Identity Politics During the 2024 Election


By : Mayang Dwi Andaru )*

The 2024 General Election or Election is getting closer and the public is advised to always maintain unity. By upholding the spirit of unity, it is hoped that division of the nation due to political differences can be avoided.

In welcoming the 2024 General Election, the Lahat Police Chief gave a firm appeal to the people of Lahat Regency to carry out the election process peacefully and responsibly. This appeal is a strong commitment to maintaining order, security and overseeing a democratic election process for the people of Lahat Regency.

The Lahat Police Chief emphasized the importance of carrying out the 2024 elections in a spirit of togetherness, emphasizing the importance of society avoiding practices that could harm security and community unity. In his efforts, the Police Chief underlined several points of the appeal conveyed.

First, be peaceful and responsible. The public is encouraged to voice their political support in a peaceful and responsible manner. Anarchist or provocative actions that could disrupt order must be avoided. This is a call to demonstrate political maturity in society.

Second, disseminating accurate information is a priority. The public is asked to always ensure that the information disseminated is correct and clear, and not to spread hoaxes that could mislead the public. Verifying information before disseminating it is a wise and important action in the election process.

Third, intolerance must be rejected. Whether it is intolerance based on ethnicity, religion, race or group, elections must be a momentum to strengthen unity and not be a tool for division. The Police Chief’s message is a message of peace and harmony that must be upheld.

Lastly, avoid identity politics. Selecting candidates based on programs and capabilities is a principle that must be adhered to. Voting based on ethnic, religious or certain group identities will only damage the electoral process. The public is encouraged to make rational and objective decisions.

With determination, the Lahat Police Chief emphasized that the Lahat Police will actively carry out proactive steps to ensure security and order during the election process. According to the Police Chief, all parties are expected to show a wise attitude, support unity, and promote the implementation of fair and democratic general elections. 

Shared responsibility in building a peaceful and tolerant society is the main focus in facing this election.

However, it is not only the police who are involved in guarding the election process. The public is also asked to actively report any incidents or information that could threaten the security or integrity of the election process. With the cooperation and participation of all parties, it is hoped that the 2024 Election in Lahat Regency can run smoothly and peacefully.

The Chairman of the MPR RI, Bambang Soesatyo, or familiarly called Bamsoet, also cast his vote in an effort to maintain unity and avoid identity politics during the 2024 Simultaneous Elections. Bamsoet views this election as a democratic party that must be filled with peace and happiness, without any room for political practice. an identity that can divide society.

Bamsoet explained that the 2024 elections, both legislative and presidential elections, are a very important political agenda for this nation. However, more important than all that is maintaining unity and diversity among society. The unity of the country must be placed above all else.

He emphasized the need to maintain political rhetoric so that it always favors peace and unity. Bamsoet reminded that statements containing hostility, personal attacks, slander and attempts to divide are actions that must be avoided. The interests of unity and oneness must always be placed above blind fanaticism towards a particular party or candidate.

During his visit to Central Java, Bamsoet provided assistance in the form of operational vehicles to the Golkar Party DPD for Purbalingga, Banjarnegara and Kebumen Regencies. This assistance includes ambulances and pickup trucks which can be used to help the public in emergency situations. Apart from that, other vehicles are provided to facilitate party activities in mobilizing to strengthen party consolidation in their respective regions ahead of the 2024 elections.

Not only that, Bamsoet also provided coaching and operational funding assistance to the DPD II Golkar Party in Purbalingga, Banjarnegara and Kebumen as well as to 64 Golkar Party District Administrators in these three districts. All of this aims to support more active participation in the democratic process and maintain harmony within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia.

The two speakers, Kapolres Lahat and Bamsoet, with one voice, invited the public to stay away from identity politics and commit to a peaceful, fair and democratic election process. In carrying out the 2024 elections, all parties must unite, prioritize unity and avoid division. 

This is a call to create a true democratic party, where the interests of the nation and state always come before personal or group interests. All of this is a reflection of the spirit of unity and diversity which is one of the riches of the Indonesian nation. 

Let’s maintain unity, and keep identity politics out of the 2024 elections. This is our collective responsibility in building a peaceful and harmonious society. 

)* The author is a contributor to the Sadawira Utama Institute

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