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Cawe Cawe President Jokowi for the sake of maintaining fair elections and a democratic climate


By: Alexander Joshua Galen )* 

The cawe-cawe carried out by President Jokowi certainly cannot be connoted or interpreted as a bad thing, because in fact all of these things were done in an effort to continue to maintain that the implementation of the Election can take place in an honest and fair (fair) manner.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized that he would participate (cawe-cawe) in the implementation of the democratic party and the political contestation of the General Election (Election) in the upcoming 2024. Of course, this was not done without reason, it turned out to be because it was aimed at the interests of the state.

How could it not be, because the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia himself is very willing and can also ensure that the implementation of the 2024 simultaneous elections can be held by continuing to uphold the principles of democracy, with full honesty and justice.

Furthermore, the meaning of the cawe-cawe carried out by President Jokowi is the context as explained by the Cabinet Secretary (Sekkab RI), Pramono Anung who emphasized that the cawe-cawe affairs had absolutely nothing to do with the endorsement of the presidential candidate (capres) or other candidates. vice president (cawapres) contesting in the 2024 election from any party.

Of course, President Jokowi as the current Head of State continues to make efforts to ensure that the 2024 Election can be far more democratic, honest and fair, but remains neutral and does not side with any political contestants at all. The reason is, this is also in accordance with the wishes of all people in Indonesia.

It is known that the Kompas R & D Survey in the early period of May 2023 showed results that indeed the majority of the respondents believed that the President should remain neutral in this democratic party. The data shows that as much as 90.35% (percent) of the respondents considered that it is indeed very important for a Head of State to continue to maintain his neutrality in the upcoming General Elections.

Of course, the entire running of the 2024 Election will also continue to be maintained and also monitored by all elements of society in Indonesia to ensure that President Jokowi’s neutral attitude, including the people themselves, will always continue to ensure that democratic parties are held every 5 (five) annual events in Indonesia can take place by upholding various principles such as democracy, honesty and fairness.

So that it can be said that the cawe-cawe carried out by the Head of State of the Republic of Indonesia have indeed been maintained in its corridors and have not deviated at all from what should be done, which is entirely for the sake of ensuring the smooth implementation of the 2024 Election.

No party is allowed to intervene in the people’s choice, no matter who the leader they choose, because that is the lifeblood of upholding democracy in the country. All parties, including President Jokowi himself, continue to respect and accept the choices of the people, and continue to assist in how the leadership transition that is occurring in Indonesia can be carried out as well as possible.

Meanwhile, Former Vice President (Wapres) of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla also said that President Joko Widodo’s candidacy during the 2024 election was actually a good thing to do, because it was entirely for the sake of sovereignty and the interests of all Indonesian people.

In fact, it is not quite right if the term ‘cawe-cawe’ which is used by the Head of State in this democratic party is interpreted or connoted into the Javanese language which is very multi-interpretable. Because actually not all Indonesian people who are very multicultural understand this term, especially in the connotation of the Javanese language. So it would be more appropriate if what President Jokowi did was government intervention.

Precisely everything that is being done is at a good moment because the current Indonesian leader himself has also emphasized in public that he continues to strive to safeguard democracy so that the general election takes place honestly and fairly and goes well.

If the election is likened to a game, then of course there will definitely be a referee of a game whose job is to be a supervisor and ensure that all games run fairly and smoothly.

The people themselves will also continue to be witnesses that indeed the President has endeavored that all political contestations can take place in a fair, honest manner and highly prioritize democratic principles.

On the other hand, the Crescent Star Party (PBB) has not questioned President Joko Widodo’s attitude at all in going out in the 2024 election. The inactive UN Deputy General Chairperson (Waketum), Sukmo Harsono said that in fact the Head of State really wanted to avoid excessive polarization in society.

In order to continue to ensure that the implementation of the General Elections in 2024 can be carried out in a democratic, honest and fair manner and there are no divisions that seriously threaten the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, therefore the cawe-cawe conducted by President Jokowi are very important and necessary for this country.

)* Equatorial Voice Contributor

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