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Make the 2024 Election Success Run Smoothly and Peacefully


The 2024 election is in sight. The public appreciates the implementation of an independent and peaceful election. No party has the right to regulate the KPU (General Election Commission) and Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body) because these institutions are independent. Then, peaceful elections are still being campaigned for so that this program runs smoothly without any potential for riots.

Election is a program every 5 years. All elements of society aged 17 years and over are required to participate in elections. They must use their voting rights, because it is a sign of being a good citizen.

The implementation of the 2024 Election continues to be maintained so that it runs independently and peacefully. Bawaslu chairman Rahmat Bagja stated that Rahmat Bagja asked election organizers and regional head elections (pilkada) to be independent, impartial and benefit election participants. In addition, the implementation of elections and elections must be free from intimidation so that voters do not feel afraid when they enter the polling place (TPS).

Bagja continued, the election process must be maintained. If there is a campaign team or other parties who try to interfere with the contest with intimidation, then there must be strict sanctions. The independence of the election management body (LPP) is one of the most hotly debated issues in the context of administering elections.

Regardless of the implementation model used, the LPP does not bend its knees to pressure from the government, politicians and other partisan influences in making decisions.

According to Bagja, institutional or structural independence can only be found in the constitution or laws and regulations. The easiest way to promote the independence of the LPP, he continued, is by creating a legal framework that can become the basis for the independence of the LPP itself. For this reason, strong, independent leadership is needed, and a combination can be filled by senior judges from state judicial institutions.

In a sense, the KPU and Bawaslu are election management bodies that are independent and cannot be steered, even by members of the DPR. The existence of these institutions is to make elections successful and to ensure their smooth implementation. There should be no party that regulates, even bribes members of the institution because he violates the law.

Meanwhile, East Kalimantan Governor Isran Noor stated that the community must be consistent in participating in organizing the nation’s democratic party. Hopefully the implementation of the 2024 simultaneous elections will run smoothly, safely and peacefully.

Isran Noor also asked all political parties to take part in the 2024 simultaneous elections by upholding democratic values, creating a safe and conducive atmosphere throughout the country.

The leadership of a political party usually doesn’t matter, it’s the supporters who make a fuss. For this reason, political parties must also be able to regulate and control their supporters. But we should be grateful because in every general election it runs smoothly and successfully, with safe and peaceful conditions, even though this country has a population of over 200 million voters.

During the election it was shown that democracy was going well. The reason is because Indonesia has very good ethics and customs. In a sense, the public is urged to maintain democracy during the General Election. They are also obliged to carry out elections that are peaceful, honest and fair.

Meanwhile, Riau Islands KPU Member Priyo Handoko stated that he signed the declaration for the 2024 peaceful elections. This declaration was made at the FISIP Building of Raja Ali Haji University, Tanjungpinang, Riau.

Elections must take place peacefully because the people, especially the people of Riau, reflect on the experience of the last 2 elections (2014 and 2019). At that time the competition between supporters of the presidential candidate was very fierce. Even though the character is mediocre and there is no psy war or anything else. However, there are supporters who love too much to vilify other parties.

The situation got worse because one party insulted the other with an inappropriate name. They did a black campaign on social media. The public is urged not to be provoked by the campaign and then to report it to the cyber police for follow-up.

The KPU asks all levels of society, including students, to realize a peaceful 2024 election. Don’t let the bad situation a few years ago happen again. Elections must be peaceful so that the people are united and willing to see whoever the president is, even if they are not the champion.

For this reason, the KPU ensures that the 2024 elections will take place peacefully and this is evidenced by the signing of the declaration of peace on campus. The location was deliberately there because students are expected to take part in becoming supervisors so that the election can take place peacefully, without chaos.

The students were chosen because they are agents of change. They have strong manpower so they can volunteer as volunteers during the voting. If there are volunteers from students, every fraud will be recorded and can go viral on social media. Elections will always be safe from vote bubbles, dawn attacks, and various other crimes.

The public appreciates the implementation of an independent and peaceful election. Even though the campaign period hasn’t started yet, peace is still being maintained, especially in cyberspace. Independent state institutions also organize elections so that this program is successful without any problems at all.

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